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Sunday Edition #34: My Column in Yellow

Dear Yellow:

I’m about to enter a new chapter in my life. I’m excited but nervous. What suggestions do you have to gracefully move forward?

Moving forward can be terrifying. As an outsider it is easy to say, “Just let go.” As the one gripping hard onto whatever we are attached to, it feels almost impossible. We believe the tighter we hold on, the more control we have of the situation. But, all it really does is spiral us further out.

Embrace that everything changes. Each passing day we get older. Gravity takes our skin places we wish it wouldn’t. Our children grow up. Family, friends and lovers enter and exit our lives. New opportunities appear and disappear. Things we held dear come to an end.

We come to an end.

When stepping over the line into a new phase of life, take the memories and the lessons learned. Leave behind the urge to try to keep things the same. Let your eyes adjust to the new light. Don’t automatically put on headphones and sunglasses as a way to disconnect and cope. Find joy in being uncomfortable.

My mantra for 2019 is, “I refuse to stand in the place I stood before.” The view never changes if you don’t move.

Today, I am making a change. I am moving forward and saying goodbye to my advice column with Sold Magazine. It is never easy to let go of what you love but I know that it will open up space for what’s next.

To everyone who followed along my journey of questions and giving answers from my heart… thank you. For over a year, this column has allowed me to learn so much about myself and the community that surrounds me. Writing for you has given me more gifts than even I realize.

Thank you so much to Sold Magazine. Especially to Erica Stella and Ronnie Parisella AKA Big Ronnie who approached me with the idea of “My Column in Yellow”, and the offer to give me a little piece of land on the website every other week. I am forever changed.

With me, I am taking a better understanding of the similarities between our thoughts, fears, pain and desires. We are all in this human experience together. If you ever feel alone, don’t… let yourself find comfort in knowing, we are all connected.


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