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  • Words and Photos by The Echo Parker

Dog Days of Summer: Rowdy the Dachshund

As we continue to celebrate the artist's that create work on the street here on Sold Magazine, we also aim to honor those who appreciate the art as well. Headed straight into the Dog Days of Summer 2019, we are kicking off a new series of Canine Street Art Appreciation! The cool cats get an entire day of dedication with Caturday, and many artists incorporate their feline friends into their work; but these pooches get the in person interaction on their daily walks (or rides), around their neighborhood.


When you think of Southern California, words like sun, fun, and art come to mind, and no one embodies the SoCal vibe more than the pup Rowdy the Dachshund. The 12-month-old miniature long haired Dachshund is not only a competitive runner, skateboarder and art aficionado, but is quickly becoming an Instagram influencer, and social media trendsetter.

Rowdy stopped by the LACC studios to let her fur down and open up about her life, passions and love of street art.


“I live in Los Angeles, CA., Hollywood to be exact, with my cat sister Ella Fitzgerald (black fur, 7 years old) and fish sister Patsy Clyne (turquoise Betta fish, 3 years old) and my mom and dad who love me so much. I appreciate all walks of life because I believe there is good in everybody. My biggest dream is for world peace. I am a bit of a misfit. Not your normal stubborn dachshund. I enjoy putting myself out there and trying new things. I've been a competitor, and Championship Wiener Nationals Champion since I was 4 months old. I love to run fast and compete. I've won three 1st place championships, 2nd place, and a 3rd place finish in my journey for the title of fastest dachshund in Southern California.”

Rowdy’s grounded nature and adventurous streak sets her apart from other dogs on social media. Her almost anti-Instagram personality makes her presence unique, but she is not going to let that stop her from becoming a big impact. As she continues to gain support from her growing fanbase, she's not conforming to the standard set by other influencers.

“I appreciate all the love and support Instagram has given me. It’s insane to see how many amazing people there are following on my journey. It seemed to happen overnight. I wasn’t a big fan of Instagram and didn’t really want to join to have the stereotypically “cute” dog daily post that most, if not all, Instagram dogs post. I’m a bit of an anarchist dog. But with much push from people around me at the skate park and Dachshunds races I decided to join. I hope to use my platform on Instagram to empower those around me and support others. Hoping that my uniqueness will inspire others to know it is okay to be different and embrace your true self. My mom calls me a little "badass", and I’m okay with that. I would much rather be called "badass" all day, then just hear that I'm cute. I can’t wait to see what life’s journey has to offer me from here on out.”

Rowdy’s love for skateboarding and passion for street art has not only captured the eye of thousands of IG followers, but also the artists. Muralist, TetrisWai met Rowdy when he was working on a project curated by artist Chloe Hakaian involving 11 other artists on a 500 feet length mural space on Hollywood Blvd in LA. The mural captures the majesty of the beautiful Monarch butterflies with striking orange, white and black, and makes you feel like you’re taking flight alongside them.

Tetris smiled while playing a video of Rowdy skateboard and shared his experience meeting Rowdy and her family. Like many, Tetris finds Rowdy to be an inspiration and a friend. With the wind in her fur and the sun in her face, Rowdy doesn’t fall in to the “cute” Instagram dog clichés. She wants every one of her followers to get their paws dirty and experience all that SoCal has to offer.

Art and music are a big part of Rowdy’s life and her posts show it. Her Instagram videos are quintessentially Rowdy by combining SoCal views, running, skateboarding and her with her friends and family.

“Outside of racing I’m actually pretty chill. My other passion is skateboarding. Yes skateboarding. Ever seen a dachshund on 4 wheels? I’ve been skateboarding since I was 3 months old believe it or not. Every day I strive to get better. It’s so much fun to ride my skateboard. So much so that I rarely play with my dog toys, because I’d rather be outside skateboarding.

Skateboarding is just a passion, but a lifestyle. Skating the streets of LA has exposed me to so much. I love skating by all of the amazing murals blasted around LA. Not a day goes by where there isn’t a dope mural up on an old building, or the floor below me.

The effort and passion these street and graffiti artists have is inspiring. The creative artistry flowing through LA is empowering. Some of my favorites are TetrisWai, Muckrock, Atlas, Shepard Fairley and Cloe Hakakian to mention a few. There is one NYC artists I hope to meet and skateboard with someday, Lola The Illustrator from Brooklyn because she is a "badass" artist and skateboarder, and I think we would be good friends!

I love all types of music. A few of my favs are: Wu-tang Clan, The Doors, Big L, The Ramones, Notorious Big, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and A Tribe Called Quest. And one song that really pumps me up before a race is Joan Jett & the Black Hearts - BAD REPUTATION.”

While Rowdy is a complete powerhouse on her own, she draws inspiration from those around her. From the groundbreaking all-female band, The Go-Go’s, to her amazing friends and family, Rowdy uses different sources to keep her feeling motivated and empowered throughout her journeys.

"What can I say, I’m a go-getter. And it’s hard to sit still because I always want to go, go, go! Speaking of go, I can’t forget 'The Go Go’s' another badass female band that always inspires me to well ..... GO!"

I want to give a special shout out to my best friends and biggest supporters, that have been with me since before Instagram:"






After a long day of fun, sun, and art; Rowdy likes to relax with her parents, Kim and Ivan, and dream about tomorrow. Another dog day, another dog adventure!

Rowdy posing on the EXCLUSIVE line of Atlas Beer can shot by The Echo Parker

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