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In The Spray Room, Ep. 54 MenaceResa

If you'd like the entire story, pre-requisite listening for the following episode, would be #27. Recorded last September, the dynamic duo MenaceResa sat down with us right before they left for their cross-country tour. They are back home, and we welcome them with open arms! They've both learned and grown enormously. From the very first city, the project titled #paintloveacrossamerica encountered schedule and intention changes, the reality of traveling with cats hit them, and nothing was what they thought it would be. Coming back to NYC after experiencing the rest of this great country; has given them a new perspective on the public work they do, and what is up next for them. Tune in to this GREAT conversation about wall-otics, street beefs, and what it's like seeing the world through their eyes.

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