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July Sold Magazine Staff Shots

What's Hotter than July? Not much. NYC, and almost everywhere else in the world has seen record high temperatures this month. As citizens there is only so much we can do, and the fix is not coming from the top. As temperatures flare, the streets have been hot as well. We saw a 1st curation by Bianca Romero with the Lombardy Wall Project, and we are smack in the middle of the NYC "Beyond The Street" exhibition, which prominently features the art of Shepard Fairey. On the 19th at BTS, there was a free screening of “Obey Giant,” a film by James Moll. The night before, the Sold crew was at The Flower Shop on Eldridge Street where Shepard was guest DJ. Also throughout the month, we found many huge Obey pasteups around Brooklyn. July was a month filled with WIPs, new walls, and artists sightings, and we look forward to continued art coverage throughout the remainder of the Summer season in the Big HOT Apple.

Sarah Sansom

Chicago's Czr Prz painting double birds at Lombardy Walls, Brooklyn, curated by Bianco Romero, 7.14.19

Erica Stella

JPO WIP at 562 Grand Street, BK 7.27.19

Joanna Pan

Chris Cycle WIP Brooklyn, 7.27.19


Justin Phame WIP for East Village Walls, 7.22.19

The Echo Parker

"Welcome to the Jungle" Cecilia Romero WIP for @knotel and @building180, DTLA


Don Rimx WIP on Meserole Street, BK 7.10.19

Kristy Calabro

Obey collage throughout July 2019

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