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In The Spray Room, Ep. 55 Amy Young

Professor Amy L. Young has been teaching the Art History of Graffiti and Street Art course at City College of New York since 2011. At the end of each semester she brings in a variety of artists to speak to the class, take them out onto the street, or to visit their studios where they work. Educating the public is what Sold Magazine is all about, and we have been proud to work with Amy over the years to help promote her class, and give the students a voice through their recap articles here on Sold Magazine. Check out the series: Graff101 and look out for more from the 2nd group of students this Summer. Amy's alter ego is See Me Tell Me, and she litters the streets with her memories for all to take & enjoy! See her, and listen up to Episode 55 of "In The Spray Room".

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