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  • Words by Sarah Sansom, Photos by Erica Stella

Who is Mue Bon? Five Facts for Friday

Mue Bon, the 36 year old street artist from Thailand ... has made his name painting endearing character with a social message; including his PukRuk black bird, the tv-screen faced Mr. TV, and a Mickey Mouse-eared skull incorporating a peace symbol. He has exhibited his paintings and sculptures around the world and recently partnered with high-end brand Hermès. His first introduction to graffiti as a kid were album covers from hip hop, hardcore and heavy metal genres. Music moves this black bird from migrating from one city to the next. During his latest trip to NYC, we got a few facts about our new feathered friend.


FACT #1: What does the moniker Mue Bon stand for?

The ‘MUE’ means ‘hands’ in Thai, while ‘BON’ refers to ‘restlessness’ or ‘fidgeting.’ The name is also international because ‘bon’ in French means good. So, he has either good or fidgety hands…

FACT #2: Where did Mue Bon grow up?

The artist grew up in the slum area of Thonburi, Bangkok, in Thailand; where he escaped into a fantasy world reading Japanese manga and, as a teen, doing graffiti by night to avoid arrest.

FACT #3: Does Mue Bon have formal training?

Yes! He graduated as a fine artist with honors from Rajamangala Institute of Technology in 2005.

B-Boy Bird flanked by Outersource and K-NOR, 100 RIvington Street, painted 8.17.19. Photo: Sarah Sansom

FACT #4: Is this Mue Bon's 1st time traveling?

No! He has travelled around Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, Moscow, Denver and New York. He has just flew in from opening a joint show with Thai artist Alex Face at Vertical Gallery, Chicago, IL. After leaving the Big Apple he heads to Milwaukee, Miami, LA and then Palestine!

FACT #5: Are there causes Mue Bon supports?

Yes! In addition to the social commentary in his work, the artist recently painted murals in support of endangered wildlife with a giant rooftop black panther in Melbourne, Australia, and PukRuk spraying “Save Our Forests” across the front of the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre in Thailand.


Work in Progress at East Village Walls, 8.20.19, at 84 E 2nd Street. Photos: Erica Stella

The final PukRuk mural at East Village Walls - so fun! Photo: Sarah Sansom

A bird's eye view on a Bushwick rooftop for JMZ Walls, 8.18.19. Photo: Sarah Sansom

Flying PukRuk & with his pet poodle, 1065 Broadway, Brooklyn, 8.18.19. Photos: Alberto, JMZ Walls

Taking over a total of 5 pieces while in town for a short trip, we hope to see Mue Bon and PukRuk around NYC again soon - until then, we will catch up with him "On The Road"!



Instagram: Mue_bon

Facebook: Mue Bon

Mythical Creatures shows through August 31 at Vertical Gallery, 1016 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL

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