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What’s Mine is Yours: Anna Lustberg at Parasol Projects

What’s Mine is Yours: Illustrated Memories by Anna Lustberg Arranged by Romina G. Khan On View: Sept 3-8, 2019 at Parasol Projects

2 Rivington Street, NYC Opening Reception: Sept 4th, 6-9pm

Parasol Projects is pleased to host the opening of What’s Mine is Yours: Illustrated Memories by Anna Lustberg, a poignant solo exhibition featuring a series of fine art prints in custom frames by the artist. Curated by Romina G. Khan, Lustberg’s works depict a sequence of vignettes of personal memories throughout the artist’s life.

Drawn entirely from memory, Lustberg’s works reveal a slightly skewed perspective that presents a meditation on the nature of human consciousness and the relativity of personal milestones. Bright colors and patterns provide the backdrop for whimsical figures that appear frozen in a moment in time; this, coupled with Lustberg’s subject matter, evokes an atmosphere of nostalgia for a time the audience was never a participant in. Yet, the inherent vulnerability of Lustberg’s prints imbues the series with a nearly universal congeniality of both the joys and hardships of childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. In addition to her prints, the exhibition will also feature a living room display of personal possessions that Lustberg has carried with her throughout her life.

What’s Mine is Yours: Illustrated Memories by Anna Lustberg will be on view from September 3rd, through September 8th, with an opening reception on the evening of September 4th.


The gallery is located at 2 RivingtonStreet, New York NY, 10002. RSVP: Inquiries: Instagram: @AnnaLustberg #whatsmineisyours #whatsmineisyoursART


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