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  • Words by The Echo Parker, Photos by StellaBella

Little By Little, Learn About Little Ricky Pt. 7

SHEEP has taken Little Ricky from New York City, to Los Angeles, to Paris and back to the Big Apple again. It has been years since he returned, and he packed in as much SHEEP love as possible. If Anna Wintour only knew she has been traveling along with Little Ricky on this amazing journey!

Sold Magazine's Editor and photographer, Erica Stella made an afternoon date with Little Ricky while he was in town. She was first introduced to his work in '17 when he was living in NYC, pasting everywhere, and participated in a Benson's group show curated by SacSix.... but soon afterward, he took off for the West Coast.

They walked around, talked, and pasted throughout the Lower East Side, SoHo and Chinatown. They then moved into the infamous Freeman Alley. Erica, AKA StellaBella was able to catch him in action before the rain started that afternoon!


After a day of pasting, Little Ricky agreed to sit down on the "In The Spray Room" podcast, which is recorded at Erica and Big Ronnie's Brooklyn apt. He was happy to keep the conversation going, and promote his upcoming show. For this art chat, the crew also included Kristy Calabro and Bytegirl. The Dusty Rebel joined in on the fun too, as he continues his documentary on Queer Street Art.

Daniel “Dusty” Albanese, New York City-based photographer and filmmaker is in production on his documentary of street art and artist around the world. Interviewing and documenting Little Ricky in Los Angeles, they both contributed to Episode 59, and his own episode will be coming out soon - stay tuned!

Little Ricky has taken Anna Wintour as SHEEP beyond the streets of Los Angeles traveling across the Atlantic Ocean to Paris (for his 1st time), then back to his roots in New York. Wheatpasting Anna Wintour as SHEEP across the continent brought unique and fun experiences he shared in his IG post and stories. It is clear from the engagement of admirers that his art and personality made an impact on tourists and residents alike.


Have SHEEP Will Travel

'Throughout my life, traveling overseas has never been on my list of to-do’s. If I never made it to Paris, I’d be OK. Thanks to my sister, Blanca, I had the opportunity to not only visit Paris, but to add a little pink to the city. I loved Paris! It felt like home to me. It reminded me of New York in many ways. Like NY, I especially loved the walking. In 6 days, we walked over 50 miles. For the trip, I created a bunch of new pieces, with Anna rocking out fashion labels like Dior, Gucci, Hermès, Vuitton, Supreme, Gaultier, Givenchy. Pasting up in Montmartre was the best! I’ll be including some of these new images for my show on Friday, October 4th. Expo Art Center in Long Beach. 6-9PM. Working with Anna as my muse has been a joy. It’s been a year I’ll never forget. The other day while watching the US Open, Anna appeared on the screen for just a second, and for a moment, I felt like I was seeing SHEEP on TV. Ready to get back to LA from NYC and get back to work. I'm excited about the show.'

- Little Ricky

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