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Sold Sunday Brunch Series with Mister Kaves

Ever since the Hip Hop Brunch featuring Lord Finesse at The Brooklyn Firefly a few blocks from the "In The Spray Room" home base in Bay Ridge, BK; the Sold Crew has been plotting and scheming to host our own Brunch event at StellaBella and Big Ronnie's favorite local pizza and hang out spot! Mister Kaves, AKA Michael McLeer is the proud owner of The Brooklyn Firefly, among many other amazing talents and entrepreneurship - and we were honored that he wanted to throw this event with us, and PaidMSD for an afternoon of neighborhood fun!

For the first interview, we were happy to have him sit down with us, and tell his own personal part of NYC history. His story continues today with the growth of the restaurant as a local hang out and art gathering, and his upcoming opening of his BMT, Brooklyn Made Tattoo Shop in Industry City. Get to know the artist that you should already know, and follow the podcast weekly on all platforms!

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