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Brainwashed: A Michael Alan Event for Bushwick Open Studios

A Special Event as part of Bushwick Open Studios, this Saturday September 21st 7pm-midnight. Bushwick born artist Michael Alan will give an exclusive artist's talk and behind the scenes tour of his studio, leading into the surreal, jaw dropping, authentic old NYC Living Installation performance. "Brainwashed" performed by Jadda Cat x Pirate, drawn live by Michael Alan. They are force fed today's over saturated mindless images then act them out, transforming themselves into living sculptures with every material know to mankind. Theater of the absurd. The performance is also live feed and you can view from around the world. Art comes to life.


A special Michael Alan event / part of Bushwick Open Studios

Saturday, September 21st

7pm-9pm - private view and tour

9pm-midnight - performance the living installation

Ticket includes the private tour of Michael Alan’s new work 7pm-9pm & performance by Jadda Cat x Pirate 9pm to midnight @ Michael Alan’s private Bushwick studio, or join via online and view a live feed {online tickets include up to a 2 week view}

Studio address provided with RSVP. Please reserve your spot ahead of time so we can accommodate you! Please allow some time for us to email you back with the address or online view information.


$40 suggested / $20 minimum. Select which works best for you. We are not for profit. We do this project because it is needed in our culture now!


Jadda Cat {HUMAN} and Pirate the cat {ACTUAL CAT} are test subjects for the internet, social media, the newest TV shows, commercials and Twits. Yes twits. They sit and STARE into their studio visual modulator, trapped by the new world order. They are absent from the now, absorbing images projected on TV, Instagram, advertisements via a computer, projection installation, TV screen, and even printed propaganda. Jadda and Pirate become contaminated and act out the image contents for your viewing pleasure. You are the viewers. This show is for your speculation, determination, note taking, documentation, and understanding of how the mind is altered under such harsh conditions. Not to mention this is for your amusement and relaxation and viewing pleasure.

Welcome to the Living Installation! xo

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