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Dripped On The Road Fall 2019 Program

Dripped On The Road Fall 2019 Program

New York, NY September 23, 2019 - Dripped On Productions is proud to announce the Dripped On The Road Fall 2019 Program and Resident Artists Caitlin McDonagh & Valeriya Volkova aka Valtastic.

Dripped On The Road Fall 2019 is a 3-week artist residency program taking place October 6 to October 25. The program begins in NYC, and will drive in the DOTR RV to Charlotte, NC to participate in the Talking Walls Mural Festival. Resident Artists Caitlin & Valeriya will paint 2 murals in Brooklyn, before hitting the road in the RV to camp in National & State Parks on the drive to Charlotte, NC. In Charlotte, the Resident Artists will paint 2 murals & the DOTR Directors will host an artist talk & web-series screening. Documentary videographer, Owley will join the Fall 2019 Program to film Season 5 of the DOTR Web-Series. DOTR partners with and is sponsored by businesses, organizations and individuals who share the same values as DOTR. The Fall 2019 Program is partnered with & sponsored by:

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