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  • Words and Photos by The Echo Parker

FALL in Love With Foxy Roxy

Foxy Roxy is your typical nine-year-old German Shepherd; she loves napping in the Southern California sun, chasing squirrels, and eating lots of snacks. She has her own unique style and is never seen without the perfect bandana or collar for the day (most likely her favorite red or aqua blue ones).

However, unlike most nine-year-old German Shepherds, Roxy is a fast growing Instagram star who's been a part of the art scene providing a positive and loving presence to all the people and art she visits! During a recent photo shoot at the famed The Container Yard in the DTLA Art District, Foxy Roxy opened up about her life and special ability to sniff out stand-out murals.

Darel Carey

Darel Carey is a visual artist based in LA. His current work includes dimensional line drawings and immersive tape installations. Darel expressed his happiness that Foxy Roxy is being featured at and loved Roxy’s post in front of his interactive, Wave Theory, installment at The Container Yard so much he re-posted it on his Instagram.


“It was great to see Foxy Roxy vibing with my installation at The Container Yard, the photo is amazing! I enjoy seeing all the various ways people (and pets) interact with my art, and think this is a nice way to engage the community.”

Roxy’s story doesn’t have an easy beginning. At three years old, she was picked up as a stray and spent time at the Agoura Hills Animal Shelter. She was adopted by a couple, but that didn’t prove to be the right fit for her after their dog attacked her several times. Roxy was going to be returned to the shelter.


Okuda San Miguel

Transforming the world; the artist based in Madrid, Okuda San Miguel re-posted Foxy Roxy with the caption, “Cute portrait playing with my doggy at @corehelfordgallery”



Germ_s re-posted Foxy Roxy with the caption, “Germsart match made in heaven”

Foxy Roxy’s mom, Michelle, saw a picture of her on Facebook and wanted to meet Roxy right away.

Michelle met Roxy and knew she was meant to be a part of her family. Roxy was adopted and brought home that same day and has been surrounded by love ever since. She even named Roxy after her childhood dog, Rocky.



Blending humor, hope and her unique perspective on life, international street artist MegZany specializes in stencil art representing the struggles women face on a daily basis with gender wage gap, fight for equal rights and reproductive choice.

Megzany re-posted FoxyRoxy with the caption, “No matter shape, size, color, species – be the best version of You.” Megzany also shared her thoughts on Foxy Roxy, “Art is a gift. Whether you are creating it or observing it, the gift is endless. From reducing stigma around low income communities, to photo sharing on social media- art enriches life on multiple layers."


While her life definitely changed for the better when she found her home Roxy still had some struggles she has faced in her life. Foxy Roxy was barely four years old when she was diagnosed with a malignancy mammary tumor. Even though she was scared with her diagnosis, Roxy knew she had to fight on and do her best to beat cancer.


Three urgent surgeries and five years later, she remains cancer free. Her age has caused some back pain but her mom makes sure Roxy receives treatment and aquatic therapy for her back to help alleviate some discomfort and pain. In remission, Roxy lives her life to the fullest.


Being a cancer survivor, Roxy wants other dogs to live their lives to the fullest. She has become an advocate for spaying and neutering.

She understands the devastating consequences for female dogs who are not neutered before their first heat and wants to make sure the world knows that spaying saves lives.

Levi Ponce

Levi works with traditional and digital media to develop large scale graphics. In 2012, Levi began a mission to improve the image of Pacoima, a suburb of Los Angeles, one mural at a time into a cultural landmark known as Mural Mile, the largest open air gallery in the country with artist from around the world adding to his vision.


“It’s great when people enjoy murals enough to share them with families and friends! Foxy Roxy is a great example of how murals create community by bringing people together who might otherwise have never interacted. On top of that, it creates a platform for photographers and other creative people to draw inspiration for their own expression. Foxy Roxy has an open invitation to paint with me.”

In addition to being a top notch activist, Roxy is a huge patron of the arts. Music is a great passion of hers and she is happy anywhere a radio is blasting some tunes especially top 40. Roxy also loves looking at different murals and supporting artists. Roxy adores murals because they provide a relationships amongst, artist, the community, art aficionados, and Instagramers like FoxyRoxyGSD.

She especially is fond of murals with bright, happy colors and loves pieces that spread messages of positivity which she feels like we need more of in the world.

The Happy Joy

A freelance illustrator and painter from Anaheim California. His works are highly influenced by his obsession with 90's cartoons and the creativity of skateboarding culture.


“The message of just going out and exploring and finding these gems is way better than driving passed them. Roxy is a good example of how street art should be appreciated. Thank you Foxy Roxy for the love!!! Sending snacks and belly rubs your way!!!”


Mrbbaby uses elements of her heritage as inspiration for her vibrant colorful art and is heavily influenced by her community as well as her Puerto Rican/Mexican upbringing.


A complete sweetheart with an engaging personality and eye for art, Roxy has a budding Instagram following and is fast becoming an Instagram influencer. She has been re-posted by esteemed artists who know and love her. Roxy is becoming a staple both online and out and about on the art scene.


Alisadamaso of Vly_grrrl

@Zengazenga designed the mural

@stay_sappy_ painted the mural

@Alisadamaso graphic designer, Illustrator and creator of @Vly_grrrl designed the lettering


Alisadamaso “I love Foxy Roxy’s beautiful photo in front of the VLY GRL x Cupid’s Valley mural. This interaction and appreciation is what brings community together, especially when it’s centered around art honoring your roots. I’m just doing what I love and glad is resonates with Foxy Roxy and others.”


Artlord’s work explores acts of mark making, and the relationships between current and recycled pop culture. Nicholasnak was thrilled to see Foxy Roxy in front of a mural he collaborated with The WolfCouncil sharing his thoughts about Roxy.


“Well... Dogs like Roxy, with their unconditional love and positive energy, make life worth living and seeing her pose in front of my piece made me realize I need to paint with more yellow blues and grey!”



Padhia is a Los Angeles-based street artist, fashion designer and writer. Her work can best be described as psychological commentary.

Padhia expressed delight that Foxy Roxy is being featured at and has posted Foxy Roxy on her Instagram stories with the comment, “Thank you for the love”


If you haven't fallen in love with Foxy Roxy yet, give her a follow, and keep up with the latest that Fall 2019 will bring for this pup!

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