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In The Spray Room, Ep. 61 The Dusty Rebel

Sitting down and chatting with Daniel Albanese AKA The Dusty Rebel was like cuddling up with a pillow, and a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy afternoon. For us street soldiers, its refreshing to talk to others who see the same inspirations in this public art movement, and trading relatable stories amongst colleagues is comforting away from the concrete jungle. Episode 61 is one to listen to: an insider's guide to what we are up to today, and where we want to see the culture grow. With the 2020 election at our heels, the time is now. His most recent project, queerstreetart began as a series of interviews, and is turning into a full fledged documentary film! Find out more by checking out this memorable chat on your Monday morning commute...

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