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  • Press Release, photos by Sarah Sansom

Dalek - Buff Monster "Surface Fetish"

Dalek - Buff Monster

"Surface Fetish" October 17 - November 17

GR Gallery is thrilled to present “SURFACE FETISH”, the second duo exhibition of Dalek and Buff Monster with the gallery. We covered it here on Sold Magazine with the Press Release on 2.8.18, and a review by Sarah Sansom on 3.20.18. The show puts together 30 pieces, including paintings, works on papers, installations, sculptures, wall paintings and a collaborative new print. This exhibition, thanks to its unique design, will immerse the visitor in a kaleidoscopic world populated by funky characters and bright uncommon shapes.

When: Opening reception: Thursday October 17th, 6PM-9PM

(Exhibition Dates: October18th – November 17th 2019)

*Both artists will be present at the opening event.

Members of the press can contact GR gallery in advance to schedule a private viewing and/or an interview with the artists before the exhibition is officially open. Visitors who want to attend the opening can RSVP by contacting the gallery.

Where: GR Gallery, 255 Bowery (between Houston & Stanton) New York, NY | tel: 212 273 2900 Who: DALEK (1968, New London CT) | BUFF MONSTER (1979, Hawaii)

About the Exhibition: “SURFACE FETISH” aims to exhibit the unique artistic wit of these two internationally known legends, that have brought to the next level the idea of merging Pop art, animation and Japanese culture with urban art, inventing the now super iconic characters of “Space Monkey” and “Melty Misfits”. Heavy Metal and Punk music vibes, bright colors, bold lines, rigorous geometric shapes and dreamy cartoons-like figures, spread their energy into an upbeat and decisive form that can not be constrained in the pictorial surface and expand all over the environment, able to catapult the viewer into a cheerfully intense experience.


And while you are walking around NYC near GR Gallery, you can find some recent murals Buff Monster created inspired by his recent work. The 1st is a door he has rotated for years at 135 Division Street & Canal Street. The 2nd can be found at 120 Allen Street and Delancey Street on the Lower East Side, NYC.

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