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Sold Sunday Brunch Series with Mr Cenz

A few blocks from the "In The Spray Room" home base in Bay Ridge, BK; the Sold Crew is hosting a Podcast Brunch Series at StellaBella and Big Ronnie's favorite local pizza and hang out spot, The Brooklyn Firefly! Mister Kaves, AKA Michael McLeer is the proud owner of The Brooklyn Firefly, among many other amazing talents and entrepreneurship - and we were honored he wanted to throw this event with us, for an afternoon of neighborhood fun!

For the 2nd edition, we embraced October. The weather was still warm, and we carved pumpkins in between interviews with our friends Jenna Morello & Paid MSD. Our 1st guest was Mr Cenz, in town for his 1st US solo show at 212arts. We met him 2 years ago in Denver, Co at The CRUSH Walls and have been happy to help promote his projects ever since. Take a listen to this special recording & come out Thursday night for a very special show!

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