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  • Words and Photos by KingKat71

Rooftop Legends 2019 Recap

“Rooftop Legends is like family and community!” - Every year in the Fall, curator Jesse Pais (seen here with artist Cey Adams), organizes a hugely successful NYC Hip-Hop culture event with everything from live graffiti art to DJ’s and B-Boys! This year this special event was held on Saturday, October 12th, 2019.

All aspects of Hip-Hop culture comes out in this event - from the fans, celebrities, artists, and families of all ethnicities, the melting pot of Manhattan where the diversity is well represented. Not only do Hip-Hop heads from all five boroughs show up, but people from out of town and out of the country do, too! DJ Enuff rocked old school Breakbeats and classic urban & Hip-Hop songs, Bonz Malone, for the second year was the host with the most on the mic.

Albertus Joseph and Will Power joined forces to create adjacent murals. In a community building and fan appreciation move, Mr. Joseph got the public to tag his wall, adding a personal touch to his piece.

DEZ aka DJ KaySlay (photo # 6), CYCLE TC5 (photo # 7) , KEO X-Men (photo # 8), and DOC / ARAB TC5 (photo # 9) were in the house, painting while the event was happening. Of course, shout out to the Ralph Lauren Lo Heads who congregated in their own circles. Featured is Bizer Lo from the Bronx and LMJR4EVER (photo #10).

Rooftop Legends is a place and event where you can run into familiar faces, meet new people, or get your blackbook tagged up! And for kids and up & coming artists, they can sit and learn how to draw graffiti letters (photo #11).

I happen to take a photo, and later found out that cool dude was the writer DIZER who recently contributed his I LOVE MY HOOD Graf Character to the Harlem Mural Project on 125th Street.

Before I wrap up this last photo set features a wall full of some amazing character art that captures various styles. The artists are DMOTE and DAZE.

And JAEK EL DIABLO from France, did an homage to the WUTANG CLAN.

All in all is what a great day! Other contributing artists include the TATS Cru, KEL, MAST, QUEEN ANDREA, STASH, CES, PART, BLUSTER, DRAGON 76, VERS, CHINO, among others. See you next year!

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