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Sunday Brunch Series with Marka 27

From Richmond, VA to Worchester, MA; from Miami, FL to Denver, CO - even his work in Midtown Manhattan, Sold Magazine and primarily John Domine have kept up with our next special guest, Victor "Marka 27" Quinonez all over the country. Our globe trotter was not on hand in NYC for the Brunch Event at The Brooklyn Firefly, but we had our Founder JPO on hand for this special art chat! Although Marka 27 travels for his large projects, he works out of his Red Hook, BK studio, and he took some time out of his busy schedule to catch up with us a few neighborhoods away. Listen up to this PRO's advice, and why he always puts family first.

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The Sold Crew also got into the Halloween spirit during the Brunch event. We carved pumpkins with Jenna Morello and Paid MSD, and the crew paid tribute to one of our own: Sarah Sansom with her signature fedora!

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