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Cages and the Fallen Flags: Sandra Chevrier at Mirus Gallery [VIDEO]

We have kept our eyes on the North, and there are some exciting female artist from Montreal, Quebec and Sandra Chevrier is leading the charge.

Sandra’s defiant heroines refuse to be cast into the narrow roles they were given by the very comic book narratives they are emerging from. Like us, these women have been wrapped in the alienating package of media and expectations. With no superpowers to see through the constant influx of societal suggestions, a cage of external monologues creeps into our psyches. (Mirus Gallery)

Curator Mashonda with Sandra Chevrier in front of her portrait

Sold Magazine has been there along the way, from her work donated to the Art Relief Charity Event, King Woman showcases, and On The Road pieces from Hawaii and Berlin. If you've been following us on social media platforms, you would see videos from our friends at Chop 'em Down Films, we encourage you to go back and check them all out on our growing Youtube channel! Our video content & relationship continues, as we bring you the latest recap of Sandra's solo show running til the end of the year at the Denver location of Mirus Gallery:

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