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  • Words and Photos by The Echo Parker

Little By Little, We Learned About Little Ricky Pt. 8

The BIG day finally arrived. On October 4th, 2019 our friend, Ricky Sencion AKA Little Ricky was a part of a show at The Long Beach Expo Art Center in Bixby Knolls, CA. Even though he was part of a group show, he definitely didn’t blend in with the rest of the herd!


Photo credit: Lovepreet Gill

"Waking up on the day of setup, I felt ease and calmness. It was a bewetiful thing.

Once the set-up was complete, I had a huge smile in my soul. It was exactly how I wanted it to look and feel. I went back to the studio and created a few more of my cardboard pieces to complete it all."


The sophisticated atmosphere of the show didn’t stop Little Ricky from putting his unique stamp on it. The bright colors and bold designs made you feel like you were standing at the corner of glamour and fun where Ana Wintour is always there ready to share some of her fabulous energy with you.


"It was awesome to see the joy in people's eyes when coming into the space and then playing around with the interactive cardboard pieces."

- Little Ricky


Little Ricky’s original art pieces were dynamic and showed off all the different sides of him.

Sophisticated, fun, and thought provoking, Little Ricky didn’t hesitate to bring different facets of himself to the show.

The inclusion of interactive activities allowed all who came to be a part of Ana Wintour’s world with all the playfulness of SHEEP. Many attendees BAAA’d for joy at the opportunity to take photos at Ana Wintour’s paper filled desk.

From friends to family to strangers, all the attendees were enthralled with Little Ricky’s work and were thrilled to talk to him about their experiences. Little Ricky shared the energy of his fans and spent time taking pictures and talking with each of them about his art and plans for the future.

"I'll continue to work on Anna until the end of the year. I'm sure I'm going to miss her once the year is over. But I'm sure she'll continue to pop up in my work. I'm currently working on new pieces for Gabba's Wishlist show and The Streets are Queer art show in DTLA. They're both in November."

"Plus, I'm in the process of setting up my website before the holidays. For 2020, I'll be working on a 'SHEEP Family' series. I have a general idea of what it'll be, but as always, I'll let the magic flow organically."

Photo credit: April Cristin

If this show is a preview of what is coming up next, we’ll be flocking over and see everything that Little Ricky will be up to!