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  • Words and Photos by John Domine and Kristy Calabro

Akumal 2019 Is Underway!

Painting, workshops and other activities are just getting started for the second annual Akumal Arts Festival, which officially kicks off this weekend November 8-10. There are over 130 artists and performers taking part this year! To coincide with the theme of the event, 'los niños' de Akumal have been busy making their own creations out of recycled glass bottles that will illuminate the main strip of the pueblo. The children will also be creating a 'jardín' from plastic bottles.

Guiding Lights: The lanterns which will illuminate the path in the pueblo

The children have been working on flags that will fly around the pueblo throughout the festival.

We've seen returning artists and many first timers this year and wanted to share all of the works in progress that we've captured on our first official day in Akumal, Mexico! Alumni artists painting this year include: Jim Vision, Sheik, Depoh, Ramiro, Tarboxx, Surface of Beauty, Alex Yopra, Kiptoe, Grooseling, SecaOne, El Changuri, Sinned, Alejandra Barradas, Dan Q, Mr Prvrt, Reuben Cheatem, Klonism, Funqest, Cosmo and La Wife holding up her "Sold" tote bag!)


New artists painting at the festival this year include: Andy Pea, Roho, Jenna Morello, Key Detail, Huetek, Daze, Woskerski, Outersource, BellaPhame, Anna Bronza, JPO, and many more (which we will feature as they progress on their walls).

The Opening Ceremony officially begins at 5:00pm Friday evening, along the bridge joining the Playa and the Pueblo. There will be music and other live performances, guided art walks around town, workshops at various locations and much more, all weekend long. Some workshops to look forward to are spray-, hand- and graffiti-painting, stencil making, circuit building, filmmaking, and mask-creating to name a few. There will also be a fashion show featuring wearable apparel made from recycled materials.

This year, there's also a "Beautiful House Contest" with Ms. Yellow, Deity, and Charly Gill who will be connecting artists with families in the pueblo to have their homes made into works of art to enjoy once the festival ends!

Kristy at a Ms.Yellow painted home photo by (johndomine1)

Deity painted home in the pueblo.Photo by (@johndomine1)

This is just a glimpse of the magic that has been happening in Akumal so far. There's so much more to share! So, stay tuned to Sold, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and be sure to check back for our continuing coverage of the 2nd annual Akumal Arts Festival! It is sure to be a feast for the eyes...and it might just warm your heart.


For more information:


Facebook - Akumal Arts Festival

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