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  • Words and Photos by Kristy Calabro and John Domine

Akumal WIPs: Day Two

Pinta!, Pinta!, Pinta! It's all about painting here in Akumal! With day two, the fiesta of art is starting to heat up as the majority of artists have arrived and have started to work on their walls to #BeautifyAkumal for 2019. Below is a piece that Heesco and Damien Mitchell are working on together, a call to action and awareness of the destruction we are causing to local wildlife and their playa homes.



Along with all the new murals going up, the children also painted Love Rocks with artist Sara Molano (@saramolano) The kids are sharing their 'Piedras de Amor', by putting them all around the pueblo. Sara said, "Love is sharing. It’s about community. Make a difference in someone’s life, it will make a difference in yours."



Scattered all through the pueblo and on the bridge, you will find artists hard at work, painting the community walls. You will also see the many happy faces of passersby and locals alike who get to enjoy the beauty being created.

Here are some photos of the works in progress from Day 2:



















(@sinnednyc) & (riaburnswilder)


Check back tomorrow for highlights from the opening ceremony which takes place tonight. Also, there will be a Free Art Friday event starting at 3pm where locals will get a chance to find gifts hidden throughout the pueblo! Artists will be leaving their works of art around Akumal and the first person to find each piece gets to take it home. It's like a street art scavenger hunt and a gift to the community for showing us so much love.

We can't wait to see what lucky residents walk away with FREE art! Let's get day 3 started!

For more information:


Facebook - Akumal Arts Festival

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