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Nick At Night: Night of 1,000 Annas

Williamsburg didn't get much more surreal this past Halloween than the scene at The Breakers for The Night of 1,000 Annas. Inspired by the in-famous Anna Nicole Smith, whose image has endured since her 2007 death, the satirical soiree was organized by costume designer Lucy Hawkins, local Pumps dancer Hope Adventure and host DJ Big Vic.

Over two dozen "White Trash Nation" wannabes joined them for a night capped off with drag shows by the biggest Anna in the room, Brooklyn performer Baby Love.

These portraits, whose backgrounds include art by PORK and CASH4, are also an inadvertent time capsule as most were taken on Polaroid Originals' Spectra film which has just been discontinued. I have shot most of my thousands of group photos on this film and although the more 'normal' 600 format will stay in production it was never suited for giant groups of people.

If these photos are my swan song to the film that brought me prominence I'm glad I used a bunch on this night, especially the one of the The Breakers' staff getting wild behind the bar for their portrait. My partying their pleasure and vice-versa!

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