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November Sold Magazine Staff Shots

Just as soon as New York City celebrates the enjoyable Fall weather and costume parades, we are thrown into the daylight savings, gift giving and shopping season - whether we like it or not. As the temperatures drop, artists keep their cans moving, and might work a little bit quicker on the streets. Here are the freshest work from the freshest cameras, the Sold Magazine Monthly collection of November '19 Staff Shots!

Sarah Sansom

DALeast WIP for The LISA Project, 135 Elizabeth Street 11.9.19

Just A Spectator

Judith de Leeuw (JDL Street Art) WIP for Street Art for Mankind at 28 Cliff Street, NYC 11.12.19

Joanna Pan

Lula Goce for Street Art for Mankind, 309 North Ave / New Rochelle, NY 11.2.19

Erica Stella

Phetus WIP at 166 Allen Street, NYC 11.23.19

The Echo Parker

Levi Ponce "Rushing Waters" a 10,000-square-foot mural depicting the Northeast San Fernando Valley’s history located along San Fernando Rd. at Paxton St. in Pacoma, CA 11.18.19


Cpwon WIP for Odd Fellows Ice Cream, corner of East Houston & Mott Street, NYC 11.10.19

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