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5 Fun Things During Miami Art Week

Attending Miami Art Week and all the events that go along with Art Basel? Experiencing major FOMO? We are highlighting 5 events that we recommend in Wynwood, Miami this week.


1: The Museum of Graffiti Opening

The Museum of Graffiti, the world's first museum exclusively dedicated to the evolution of the graffiti art form, is opening in Miami this week. Their mission: Exhibit, educate, and celebrate the thousands of graffiti artists who have transformed walls in our public spaces ​into vibrant masterpieces.

As the museum states, 'Once ephemeral - painted on walls and subway trains, only to be dissolved away by the cleaning crews - graffiti has gone mainstream with a vengeance. To fully appreciate the current position of the movement, it is essential to know and understand the work of the original graffiti artists, who started tagging in the New York subways in the early 1970s and early ‘80s. The museum’s permanent exhibition features paintings, sculptures, and interactive installations that will allow visitors to travel through time and learn about the evolution of the graffiti art movement.'

Events this week include:

• BLADE limited edition skateboard signing, Thursday 1pm

• RISK limited edition print release & signing, Friday 5-7pm

• AHOL SNIFFS GLUE umbrella release, Saturday 12-2pm

Above: Museum of Graffiti Founders Alan Ket and Allison

In conjunction with the opening, murals will be painted on the block by ABSTRK, HIERO, CES, DOVES, ENTES, Erni Vales, JonOne, Wane COD, Lance de Los Reyes, OG SLICK, Niels Shoe Meulman, Persue, YES2, Rasterms, DEFER, MAST, TICOE, MARVEL, GIZ, QUAKE and BACON coordinated by Wynwood Mural Fest.

Permanent exhibit items and gift store goodies.

When: Public Opening Thursday December 5th, 11am

Where: 299 NW 25th Street

Admission: $15 - $23 at


2: Shooters Street Art Scavenger Hunt with Brujo

Possibly The Brujo's most photographed piece in Freeman Alley, NYC, 10.31.19.

Now on its 5th edition, these New York City-based scavenger hunts run by Shooters Street Art have become a hugely popular way for Instagrammers to get to know each other in real life. This hunt goes local with Miami collective Brujo.

How does it work? Hunters meet, receive a map seconds before the start, then scour a given area to find and shoot between 10-15 pieces by the artist.

Posting on Instagram along the way with a set of given hashtags, the first to post all works wins a 1st Prize of Original Brujo art.

The artists and organizer will be present to supervise and provide encouragement.

Runner-up prizes include Street Art Sticker Packs, and all entrants get to sign the 'Book of Shooters'.

Hunters meet at a cafe afterwards to receive prizes, grab a bite to eat and chill.

Above: The first Hunting Party ready to race in NYC, 8.24.19

Shooters hunting SacSix in NYC's East Village, 8.24.19, and recent works by Brujo in Brooklyn. Photos: Sarah Sansom.

Who is Brujo? ⁣'Brujo is a father/son collaboration based out of Miami. Born and bred. The Brujo image is the patriarch of the family. The image has slowly evolved to represent all that it is to be human. The trials and tribulations, the good, the bad.

We, as father and son, have taken this opportunity to work together, and as we are fortunate to travel around the world, we take advantage and get our so-called art up. It is just our expression and what better place to put it than in the streets. It has nurtured our relationship and has strengthened it even more. We definitely appreciate the opportunity we have to work together, and it is something we do not take for granted.⁣'

When: Saturday December 7, 10am registration, 11am start

Where: Wynwood, Miami (exact location disclosed to entrants only)

Admission: $5 at


3: Artist Talk, Wynwood Walls

FUTURADOSMIL at Wynwood Walls. Photo: Martha Cooper.

We're looking forward to this panel discussion with the artists of Wynwood Walls, the location that kick-started the area's street art scene back in 2009.

SOLD has attended these artist talks over the last few years, and they've become a highlight of the week, with surprisingly deep, informative conversations between the moderator and panel members. Hosted by Jessica Goldman-Srebnick of Goldman Global Arts, the panel will include several artists from this year's roster (to be named) and legendary graffiti photographer Martha Cooper.

Artists painting for 2019 include NYC's Buff Monster, the UK's Dan Kitchener, Chile's Dasic Fernandez, Ernesto Maranje, Brooklyn's FAILE, FUTURA, Kelsey Montague, Kenny Scharf, Michael Vasquez, Japan's MINA HAMADA and NYC's TATS CRU.

Buffmonster, Mina Hamada, Kelsey Montague, Ernesto Maranje and Dasic Fernandez this week.

Talks are held at the gallery inside Wynwood Walls, accessible from NW 25th Street and NW 2nd Avenue.

When: Thursday, December 5th, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Where: Goldman Global Arts Gallery, Wynwood Walls, 2520 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127.

Admission: Free


4: Belin Solo Exhibition with Wyn 317 Gallery at Scope Miami Beach

WYN 317 Gallery, based in Wynwood, is hosting the USA debut solo exhibition for Belin, the pioneer of “post neo-cubism" on display during this year's segment of SCOPE Miami Beach at Booth F23. A true master of both wall and canvas, Belin has been creating art since his youth and has evolved into one of the most significant Spanish contemporary artists of the 21st Century.

Last year the artist painted a spectacular mural at the gallery itself, which was a popular draw for visitors.

The artist at his booth and work created specifically for the show in his Linares, Spain studio (click for full images)

When: VIP Preview Tuesday, December 3, 4 - 8pm.

Public Hours Wednesday 4 - Sunday December 8, 11 - 8pm.

Where: 801 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139, Booth F23 Admission: $40 Day Pass for all 140 booths at


5: Anthony Lister Solo Show, Robert Fontaine Gallery

Woke Up on Fire, an exhibition of 15 large-scale paintings at Robert Fontaine Gallery, explores Australian artist Anthony Lister's ongoing interest and romance with the Myths and the cultural significance of Super Heroes. In Lister’s newest body of work, the artist captures the human connection, and our collective fascination with Heroes and Villains; good and evil, and the power they hold metaphorically. Comprised of bold gestures, drips, smears, and comic book colors the painted subjects float on stark white backgrounds as if to be idealized like historical figures hanging in the halls of powerful institutions.

Canvases created for the show (click for full images). Photos Courtesy of the gallery.

Lister’s paintings, are both developmental and academic, poetic, yet fundamentally in flux. The larger than life body of work stands as a testament to the over all narrative that has greatly defined the artist’s identity, and his own mission as a solid force in the contemporary art world.

"For me….these paintings hold fifteenth-century folk-law warnings and mystic superstations of the ancient world. In the other, one finds ones self slapped with pop puzzle lashings. Visually wet, dripping and hyped-up on neon flavored cereal as Saturday morning cartoons scream out about a confused moral fortitude. These paintings were made during the ad break. There is a sticker upon the television that reads; “This is a sometimes thing”. - Anthony Lister

'Woke Up On Fire' Teaser Trailer

When: Opening reception Wednesday, December 4, 7pm - 10 pm

Gallery hours Thursday, December 5 - Sunday December 8, 11am - 6pm

Where: Robert Fontaine Gallery, 2750 N.W. 3rd Avenue, Unit 22, Miami, FL 33127

Admission: Free


These are the events we're excited about. How about you? If you're in Wynwood this week, comment below with what you're looking forward to.

See you there!

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