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The SOLD Crew Covers Art Basel Miami 2019

If it’s early December, then that means we are probably heading to Miami to experience the latest Art Basel plus Wynwood Walls and Arts District. It’s safe to say it was an overwhelmingly excellent “experience." Members of our Sold crew: ByteGirl, Sarah Sansom, Kristy Calabro, the Kiddist, and Omar Lopez, bring you photos, complete coverage, and a recap of what they saw. There were new artists painting inside Wywood Walls, more murals going up in the surrounding streets, the opening of the Museum of Graffiti, the Brujo Pasteup show at Basel House, Pop-ups including one by the Brooklyn Beer Garden and Playing to win SweetheArt Pop-Up, the RAW Project and aWall Mural Projects curated painting at schools, Superchief Gallery MIA, the Ron English store, the fashion so nicely captured by Lana @canttouchthisstyle with #BaselBaes, a Sold style series. It turns out, many fans are walking works of art themselves. There was also many fairs and we've highlighted Scope and Art Miami Fairs + Context. It’s like one big, week long, art block party that stretches across the neighborhood of Wynwood and other parts of Miami. It’s another Basel in the books, #SoldWasHere, we came, we saw, and we are already looking forward to #Basel2020!

Sarah Sansom

Adrian Lavilla for CCD Art Colleactive, Veza Sur Brewery. We watched Adrian apply gold paper to his mural the day before this.

L-R Chicafania painting her son as a superhero, INTI and Mono Gonzalez painting a massive mural downtown,

Caratoes taking a break at Mana Wynwood, Didirok painting for The Raw Project, Tats Cru, Irene Lopez Leon, Fin DAC at The Wynwood Shop, and Insomniak for aWall Mural Projects.


Kristy Calabro

OG Slick mural, exterior of the Museum of Graffiti, Risk and Obey Mural, Sinclair at Scope, The Brujo Paste Show at Basel House, Dasic Fernandez WIP at Wynwood Walls, Art Of Bust WIP, Sara Lynne Leo as part of the Brooklyn Beer Garden Pop-Up,

Playing to win sweetheArt Pop Up, Tim Okamura at Scope, Chul Hyun Ahn, Stikki Peaches, Pichiavo at at Art Fairs Miami + Context, Kristy in front of the Museum of Graffiti, wearing a newly purchased tee and sporting a "Sold" tote and El Mac featuring a "Sold" Sticker.



Kevin Ledo painting Miami's Nate Dee for The Raw Project.

L-R Ghostbeard, Pixel Pancho, Huetek, Smog One, Sipros, Urban Ruben, Saturno for Mana Wynwood and Woes.


Omar Victorious

L-R BellaPhame, Dasic Fernandez, Uncut Art, Telmo Miel


The Kiddist

WIP by @sonnysundancer

Top L. Uri Martinez (@uriginalbcn) R. (@milestoland)

Bottom L. with Uri is Pixel Pancho (@pixelpancho) Findac (@findac)


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