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December Sold Magazine Staff Shots

Here we are, at the end of 2019. Tomorrow we start a new month, year, and decade; and the time to reflect is sometimes bittersweet. For the last few days, social media does its job at sharing the highlights of the past, and celebrating the connections made. We hope you have found your time with Sold Magazine to be a reflection of the activity of the artists working on the streets, those that have been kind enough to share were welcomed, in ways large and small.

Enjoy the last monthly collection of 2019 - who knows what the next decade has in store!

Sarah Sansom

Owe1_Art WIP in London, 12.27.19

Kristy Calabro

BellaPhame posing in front of one of their just finished walls in Wynwood, Miami 12.7.19

Joanna Pan

JERMS painting in Brooklyn, 12.21.19

Erica Stella

Chris Soria for Rag&Bone 12.20.19

Just A Spectator

Anthony Lister for Cheese Grille at 188 Allen Street, 12.22.19

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