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  • Words by Erica Stella

OPEN HOUSE: The Skewville Mansion

I don't know about you, but I've spent a good portion of this Holiday break watching home-makeover shows. It has become a cold weather/day-off binge fest in my family for the last few years. Not only do multiple channels run marathons, but you can also find old episodes on any of your favorite streaming services. I enjoy every designy, artistic and restorative aspect of these remodels, and it only makes me want to get my hands dirty too!

As a New Yorker; living in and renting apartments for my adult life, it feels like traveling to another world watching people gut and renovate an entire home. From beginning to end, there is so much to learn, and the inspiration for your own "dream" abode is at the precipice.

So when our friend Ad, (street artist/vandal and half of the duo Skewville) told us about their recent Bushwick project, I couldn't wait to help share their hard work!

WELCOME to the newly renovated, and highly rentable "PENTHOUSE" Skewville Mansion in Bushwick, Brooklyn!!!

(before, during and after shots of 237 Starr Street, Brooklyn)


Purchased in 2018...

this entire space has been completely gutted and renovated, (by the brothers, friends and family) to express both an exterior and interior palette of the Skewville world. Yes, it may seem a bit Modrian in color blocking... but when the vintage/mid-century modern pieces, and original artwork come into play; you are reminded of the unique "skew" on a classic, and the Skewville Mansion comes to life! Each room has a precise nod to the style they have put on the NYC streets since 1999!

(the grand staircase separating 1st & 2nd floors)


Today, January 11, 2019 from 2PM - 5PM check out the entire space! The Skewville brothers open their doors for the public to see for themselves - this space is extra special. The Skewville Penthouse (2nd floor) is readily available to lease.

237 Starr Street. Bushwick, BK

(Jefferson stop on the L train)

Check out the exclusive Sold Magazine tour below:


(LOOK UP! Many great lighting fixtures throughout)


(living spaces on both 1st & 2nd floors)


The Skewville Kitchens:

(1st floor & 2nd)


Lounge area:

Don't you want to live here?

Come check out the space today, or contact them for a visit! If you have ever wanted to rent space in the absolute heart of Bushwick - this is it!

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