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Streets Flooded with Eyebrows

(@art_by_eyebrows) curated by (@earlyrisernyc) (@a6wall) (@augustlauranyc) on Ave A and 6th Street

Frida Kahlo may forever covet the most famous pair in art, but today the brows we have our eyes on come to us courtesy of Lecrue Eyebrows, a self-proclaimed "weirdo artist." "Le crue" means "the flood" in French and from the LES to Bushwick, Williamsburg to Ridgewood, he overflows the streets with a steady stream of slaps most often in the form of hand drawn egg shell stickers. Each one is different; but all are wild, spontaneous, and humorous.

Eyebrows has been around for about six years now with early stickers featuring The Sopranos and The Lost Boys. "Born before the universe was able to sustain organic life," is Lecrue named by a tiny human, wise beyond their years. In the current street art universe, Lecrue has been showing up all over NYC for about a year now.

Early stickers include The Sopranos and The Lost Boys


Our eyebrows allow us to have a wider range of 'non-verbal' communication and help to express many emotions like anger, sympathy, and surprise among others. But, what is Lecrue Eyebrows expressing non-verbally through his art and when did it all start?

There’s no defining moment as to when he started because these doodles and characters have always been in him. They are direct reflections of Eyebrows and of people, moments, and observations that he’s experienced. He has always made them in one style or another and drew on whatever was in front of him. “Why not master them and put them everywhere and on canvas?” said Eyebrows. When he paints or draws, it’s like meditation in its highest truth. Creating art is a reflecting experience for him and the characters are his life. The styles change with what he has in his hand and what is in front of him at the time, but only slightly. The work always possesses a story and some abstract mysticism.


"My intention and approach to everything that I create is to portray a story, moment, a feeling. Funny, goofy, deep, and beautiful, lost and walking the road to happiness. I hope that is portrayed through all my styles." - Eyebrows


Most of his pieces are developed from fragments of a simpler time, a carefree world, that we all grow distant from the older we get. The work is inspired by two tiny, young, and wise humans in his life. The words and sayings that are included in some of his work, "make you see the wonder and innocence that they are experiencing and it reminds you of something so basic and pure that it's like an ancient wisdom that stops you in your tracks,” said Eyebrows. “I also like to add messages that I want the tiny, (already wise) humans to learn from and hold with them in their lives," which remind him of those lessons, too. Eyebrows also keeps the messages in their simple, but sage speech like, "Hug Make You Strong." It's childlike yet so profound because it's true.


“They tell the tale of my lessons and steps to understanding this existence. I don’t plan, I don’t sketch, I don’t prepare in any way. I set it up and just go. Whatever comes out of it is just an organic thought or series of thoughts that are reflective of what happened that day.” - Eyebrows


Eyebrows has been influenced by Basquiat, Picasso (who he's been compared to his whole career), Haring, Doze Green, George Rodriguez, among others. He’s working with many artists at the moment and would love to work with Jim Tozzi, Pure Genius and Doze because he feels they could make something really bizarre and interesting together. He says: “I recently found a bunch of old decorative plates that I started painting on.... and I will be collabing on them with other artists.”

Decorative plate updated by (@art_by_eyebrows)

Photo courtesy of artist


Eyebrows, Basel House, The Brujo Paste Show.

Miami, FL. December 2019


(@art_by_eyebrows) Lecrue in the streets of NYC


Lecrue's List of Artist Tools

(When choosing art supplies, Eyebrows supports

NY businesses any chance he gets.)

Devasator Ink

Pilot - his go-to black

Markal dry paint


Emily eggshells and Blank Slaps are his stickers of choice

Early Riser spray paint (coming soon) that he is looking forward to using.


2019 also marked the first mural by Eyebrows thanks to Early Riser. Early reached out to him through Instagram and came to check out one of his shows and they bonded over having similar goals and career paths.

"We met at a great time and include each other in opportunities," said Eyebrows. "She hooked me up with the A7 wall and that experience was amazing." It was the first time he had ever done anything that big and he thought people wouldn't get why he used broken English, but the feedback Eyebrows received has all been positive. A fan liked it so much, that they got a tattoo of his artwork and he said seeing that makes him feel like he could fly!

Photo of tattoo courtesy of artist (@art_by_eyebrows)

Eyebrows also offers custom designs on clothing and accessories and will be working with East Village Vintage Collective. They will be selling some exclusive painted Eyebrows jackets at affordable prices. You can email him for your own custom design at There's also his shop where you can find pillows, shirts, and original art:

Custom coat by (@art_by_eyebrows) Model: (@donutsnitch)

In 2020, Eyebrows wants to explore and grow more with his art, network, be in shows, and paint more murals. He formed a live collaborative art event with 0h10M1ke (@0h10M1ke) and Alex Itin (@itinplace), at 17 Frost Gallery called Friends of Carmela and he looks forward to working with them on future events. "I'm also creating all of Otis Clapp's album covers," said Eyebrows. I've been working with him for years and the dude makes some amazing, inspiring music." He will also be hosting a few shows at the Cypress Inn Cafe located in Ridgewood/Bushwick and hopes to work with artists he's met last year and to making new art friends this year. Eyebrows will continue to work on new art shows with the Bacon Bits Collective as well.


"Make your dreams come true and make your own path to them.

Take the risks and play it smart and never ever get too comfortable." - Eyebrows


(@art_by_eyebrows) From Cypress Inn Cafe group show (@baconbitscollective)

Eyebrows definitely shows us how the "Do it Yourself" ethic works to one's advantage in the art world. He says that you shouldn't depend on anything or anyone but yourself to make things happen. Use the resources at hand, test the system, go against the grain, don't be afraid to put your heart on a wall and see what the reaction will be. Art has always been a major form of communication for him. "When you put your art on display it's like posting a page of your journal for the world to see," said Eyebrows. Art is not just therapy for him, but it's like a vital organ.


"I'll get in the SoHo galleries eventually.... but I'm going to get MYSELF into those galleries and on my own terms. For now, I am going to use this city to get me up and to meet some amazing people to work with. I have met some inspiring people through my street work.... We are creating our own shows and our own scene. We might own the new galleries in a couple years." - Eyebrows


For now, the city is Eyebrows' gallery. He hates feeling conformed and limited to a certain setting. He loves the thrill of putting his work out into the streets. Eyebrows feels it's 100% addictive and the DIY mentality is pure and radical. We hope that thrill never dries up, the art keeps flowing and that he continues to flood these NYC streets.


*Bonus* Browsing with Eyebrows.

(This past Saturday, we explored Manhattan with Eyebrows, to see how he is using the city as his gallery.)

"Creativity is the life force of evolution." - Eyebrows


For more information:

Instagram @art_by_eyebrows

Facebook Art by Eyebrows


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