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Coloring Through the Crisis

If you aren't fortunate enough to live in the Lower East Side of Manhattan to visit the ArtClinicNYC, and pick up coloring packs and crayons from Monday-Friday 2pm-6pm, don't despair.

The Soldiers have been home coloring through the crisis with some of our favorite artists too. Here's a list of pages we've compiled, and if you'd like to be added or know of an artist that has coloring pages, please let us know. There is even activities and patterns to make your own face masks.

Coloring has many health benefits. It's therapeutic, reduces stress, great for motor skills, improves focus and also helps you sleep better. Share your pages with us, tag the artist and also hashtag: #coloringwithsold

Let's stop the spread and color instead!

To print out your own copies, save pic to your device or click artist's name for links to coloring pages.





BIO @biotatscru click here for a WallWorksNY coloring book


bunny M


James Jean


Jen Stark



*Learn about the H.O.P.E. Covid Coloring Book here (@ajlavilla)


Magda Love






JC Rivera and others courtesy of UVD Toys


AngelOnce and others courtesy of UVD Toys


Token 3784 (@its_all_sticky)


Lecrue Eyebrows @art_by_eyebrows


*There's almost 50 pages here: Let's Share a Smile including Pixel Pancho, Findac and more!







Pursue also has a word search Click here for more pages




Patch Whiskey


Chris Uphues & Jen Koehl Click here


Raddington Falls x Zero Productivity


The Ohio Girl


Marzipan Physics has a coloring page and also patterns for face masks


page by biotatscru, colored in by Joanna Pan

Dealing with an extreme amount of stress and anxiety has made the idea of also being stuck in the apartment, close to unbearable. We are all dealing with different problems, but it has become apparent that relaxing and "unplugging" from the world is necessary food for the soul. For the last 2 Sundays I embraced my inner child, and enjoyed coloring the afternoon away! These downloads from some of my favorite artists brought the streets to my coffee table, and also an excuse to throw out some old markers too! I want to thank all the artists who gave their images for all of the different causes, for the children and for those of us that needed to feel like a kid for a few hours. - Erica Stella

Art is also essential at this time and is lifesaving in its own way. It comforts us, it distracts us, and it inspires us to be creative. Coloring was fun, it passed the time and it makes you feel like you're doing an instant collaboration with the artist. I'm going to continue to #ColorthroughtheQuarantine and "Stop the Spread and Color Instead!" Thank you to the artists who are helping us get through this tough time! Stay home, stay safe; we will get through this together. - Kristy Calabro

page by Shiro-One, colored in by Sarah Sansom


If you have a coloring page or art related activity to add or share, let us know!

Stay safe and please, please, please - stay home.

Love, the Sold family