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Woodward Gallery:

As we continue to live our lives safely inside, working and communicating virtually, art galleries are doing the same by adapting to this new reality and showcasing art online-only. Woodward Gallery currently has an exclusive, group show on their website. The themed exhibition addresses the current COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of keeping our hands clean. opened April 1 and features all different artists and how they are responding to this crisis in their own creative ways.


The exhibit currently includes works by: Brad Robson, The Postman, Broken Hartist, Susan Breen, Matt Siren, Cosbe, Margaret Morrison, Mark Mastroianni, stikman, Roycer, Hank O'Neal, Jess Hurley Scott, Caryn Cast, Michael Alan, Jamie Martinez, Oralee Wachter, JM Rizzi, Alex Racine, Joe e Gi, Sandra Betelak, Foxito, Elizabeth Hardwick, Maria Kofman, Tommy Flynn, Anoush Froundjian, Ann Kiernan, Michael Faherty, and Nicolás Aznarez.


Woodward Gallery said, "Artists are welcome to submit an image of one work of art with full details (name, title, medium, size, signature location) to to be considered for the show. We will look at the artist’s personal response to the crisis—How they are affected? What are they feeling now, as the ramifications of the pandemic are coming into focus? How they are reacting to it? And what message do they want to put out into the world right now?"


The Postman @thepostman_art x Broken Hartist @broken _hartist "Stay Home"

Matt Siren (@mattsiren) “Wash Yer Hands”

Choice Royce (@roycer_700) “Garçon de Fleur”

Michael Alan (@michaelalanalien) "Wash Your Hands"

Maria Kofman (@mariakofmanart) “Corona Island”

Anoush Froundjian (@anoushtalkstostuff) “Mrs. Meyer’s Soap Scents, Personified", an exclusive online group exhibition will be updated with artwork from all across the globe. Keep that social distancing up, you're doing a great job, but you can still support artists whether they are local or on the other side of the world. No matter where you live, this is affecting everyone. We want to get through this time and we will together. Continue to stay home and stay safe and wash your hands because it's saving lives!

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Caryn Cast (@caryncast)

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