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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Stay at Home Series

When adding the 'In The Spray Room" podcast to Sold Magazine, we wanted the platform for artists that preferred in-person interviews, over email or written answers. We also had the ability to record candid conversations with anonymity; important to many participating in this culture. Add to these aspects, the podcast was a conversation you'd have 'at the kitchen table' amongst friends, with your favorite snack, beverage and/or smokable of choice. In the past 2 years, we've welcomed over 60 artists from all over the world into our Brooklyn home with open arms, shared personal stories with our audience, and most snapping a stoop shot on their way out.

As Big Ronnie and I celebrate our 10 year anniversary today, it may be under the most unusual circumstances, but we feel lucky to have each other. This vital art community has brought so much joy, inspiration and friendship to us over the last few years, and we've embraced being a source of positive energy for others. But, how could we continue to organically connect during this time? ...

INTRODUCING: 'The Stay at Home Series'. While still in the seat he would be during normal circumstances, Big Ronnie is going one-on-one with artists over Zoom, while you watch/listen safe at home. These video episodes can be seen on our Youtube channel, links below, or by listening to the audio on all major podcast platforms. If you'd like to contribute, we have an updated Patreon page here. Look out for a weekly recap of these special quarantine conversations for the duration, and welcome your questions for future interviews!



Recorded on 4.11.20: Big Ronnie and Praxis talk about animal rights, activism, punk music, and our favorite human, Steve Stoppert. (AUDIO LINK)



Recorded on 4.14.20: Big Ronnie and YesOne talk about NYC, being prepared with art supplies, 90's hip hop, and his favorite place to grab a slice. (AUDIO LINK)


Adrian Wilson

Recorded on 4.14.20: Big Ronnie and Adrian talk about Mexico City, graffiti on garbage, supporting First Responders, and remembering one of our own, NYC Graffiti Pioneer Nic707 OTB. (AUDIO LINK)



Recorded on 4.15.20: Big Ronnie and BG183 talk about Big Pun, Tatscru, and his wife's home cooking that is helping him get through this difficult time. (AUDIO LINK)


Eric Orr

Recorded on 4.15.20: Big Ronnie and Eric talk about The Bronx, PS6, DJ Jazzy Jay, and the importance of sharing our creative energies with one another. (AUDIO LINK)


SOLDier Check-in with Bytegirl & Claudia Reyes

Recorded on 4.14.20: Big Ronnie checks-in with Bytegirl and Claudia to see how they are staying sane during these times, and remembering one of our own, NYC Graffiti Pioneer Nic 707 OTB. (AUDIO LINK)

R.I.P. to the graffiti pioneer, Nic707 (b. Fernando Miteff), a true artist and contributor to this art movement. Since the early 1970s when he painted trains and founded the crew, OTB, he was known for his great letter style. He was a humble man who would still paint the occasional wall and pursued his dream of bringing art to the public with his future series which he presented on subway cards interiors until his last days.

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