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Art Through Vintage Online Auction

East Village Vintage Collective and the Fl00d present, Art Through Vintage an auction launching tomorrow on eBay. The fundraiser will showcase over 72 artists putting their creative spin on vintage items. If you're lucky enough to be the highest bidder, your purchase will be supporting East Village Vintage Collective and at the same time, some of your favorite artists.

Maegan Hayward is the owner of East Village Vintage Collective, and along with her partner Alex Carpenter operate the store and also live above it with their rescue dog, Snacks. Through this challenging, new reality, small businesses like EVVC have lost their source of income and had to close indefinitely. They always sold items online and through Instagram, but really relied on their in-store purchases. They decided to think outside the box on a way to raise funds, but also how they could help others get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maegan Hayward, Owner of East Village Vintage Collective and partner, Alex Carpenter

(Photos courtesy of East Village Vintage Collective.)

(@art_by_eyebrows) Eyebrows has jackets and shorts to bid on through the auction.

Model: (@ninaburns)

"Lee"crue denim bootie shorts (@art_by_eyebrows)

Photos provided by the artist.

EVVC joined forces in an art-meets-vintage collaboration with The Fl00d, artists Lecrue Eyebrows (@art_by_eyebrows) and Token 3784 (@its_all_sticky). Maegan became familiar with Eyebrows' work while seeing his mural on Avenue A at August Laura (curated by A6 Art Wall and Early Riser). Read more about this here: "The Story of How Art Through Vintage began."


"After I painted the mural in the East Village, Maegan saw it, posted it, and tagged me. We started talking immediately on how to incorporate my art with her shop. We agreed that I would make jackets and they would sell them, some time had passed and then the pandemic happened. I suggested that they auction off the jackets to raise funds." - Eyebrows


Maegan and Eyebrows brainstormed and he suggested using The Fl00d as a platform and they were able to get over 60+ artists involved. The idea blew up pretty quickly, it went from 2 to 40 participants within the first couple of days, then 32 more over the next week. A majority of the artists came to the project through The Fl00d and Instagram, but some were recruited through EVVC and others reached out independently. There's a diverse group of artists and items to choose from.

What started with a mural, turned into a movement of support to help each other out in this time of need. This is creative people doing what they do best, staying productive, using their skills at hand, banding together and coming up with ways to get through this unforgettable time in our history.



Chucks transformed into new kicks by Token 3784 (@its_all_sticky)


The response has been really gratifying and has also meant we haven’t stopped working since this pandemic started! It feels great to collaborate with so many fab artists and to feel the love, support and connection of so many of our fellow NYers. - East Village Vintage Collective


Dave Navarro (@lifeafterdeathstreet) & Laney Chantal (@laneychantal)

Dave Navarro (@lifeafterdeathstreet) & Laney Chantal (@laneychantal)

Abiding by the social distancing guidelines, EVVC scheduled FaceTime or IG video chats with everyone, where they were walked through the store virtually and selected their vintage items to paint on. They were contactlessly delivered and then picked up with the same care upon completion. The artists have also taken the necessary precautions when handling the items.

It's not just clothes, they offered everything in their store for the artists to choose from. Some chose statues, others picked pre-existing artwork, vases, home goods, records, etc. "One artist, Jay Jansen chose a pair of kids’ denim shorts and turned them into a lamp!" said EVVC, "The creativity we’ve seen from artists has been truly inspiring."

Leroy (@Leroysplace) & Ed Heck (@ed_heck)


Before & After (@jimtozzi)


Before & After (@tomkrantzhaha)


Before & After (@sean_slaney)


(@urbanrussiandollnyc) added a lovely design and some inspiring words to a vintage pair of jeans. "Why wait? Love now."

Photos provided by the artist.


This one-of-a-kind bag by (@marzipanphysics) could be yours, if you're lucky enough to be the highest bidder!

"Pump it up!" Check out these custom made Art Heels by (@saviorelmundo) they're up for grabs, tomorrow through the Art Through Vintage auction on eBay.




(@frank_ape) Camouflage Jacket

Brandon Sines, creator of (@frank_ape) has an ongoing relationship with EVVC.

He has painted their roller gate the last two times.

"He (Brandon) is an awesome supporter of ours and we love his work, so we are super happy he is contributing to this project!" - EVVC


Tomorrow, the place to be virtually is eBay, where the Art Through Vintage auction will go live at Noon! Be sure to sign up to eBay if you haven't already, you won't want to miss out on the opportunity of owning one of these exclusive and original art-meets-vintage pieces. With over 70 to choose from, there is something for everyone! The clothes and shoes range in different sizes. Listings will be up for 10 days. The split is 50/50 and your support will help a small business like EVVC and our artist friends, as well. New Yorkers know how to get through tough times. It's nice to see how resourceful and creative people can be during a crisis. We will get through this and we will do it together!


For more information:



East Village Vintage Collective's eBay profile with be linked from their website:

Direct eBay link is here: Art Through Vintage



LAUNCHING FRIDAY, APRIL 17th, 12pm Art Through Vintage: NYC Artists & An East Village Small Business Join Forces While NYC is on lockdown, EVVC in collaboration with thefl00d is working with New York City artists to create unique art-meets-vintage pieces and make them available for purchase via online auction. Your support will help us and local artists stay afloat during a challenging time.

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