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  • Words by Kristy Calabro

Q: What's in the Box? A: 'High' Art.

T-minus 5 until 4:20 EST and we have a 'blazin' hot announcement! Sold has been teasing the online art show by 3Alx ( all week long on the 'Gram' and now it's time to reveal, "What's in the Box?", but not just yet. There's been so much anticipation and we can't wait to share, why not "pipe" down, be a 'bud' and read until the end? Remember that feeling of joy and anticipation when you're about to open up a present? It's like we're celebrating a quarantined Christmahannukwanzadan and your best (socially distanced version of a) birthday ever, all 'rolled' into one.

We've been sharing teaser flyers all week long like this one featuring graffiti legend and gallery artist, EASY.


For “What’s in the Box?” 3Alx (3-A-L-X) put together a show with over 30 of your favorite artists who transformed handcrafted wooden boxes into art with their unique and signature styles. Participants include living legends like Al Diaz, EASY, Zimad, Duster ua and Terrible Tkid170.

Here's a full list, click on the participating artists to see more of their work:

Al Diaz, A Lucky Rabbit, AJ Lavilla, AngelOnce, Baston, Belowkey, Captain Eyeliner, City Kitty, Dirt Cobain, Duster ua, EASY, Free Humanity, GoopMassta, Stephanie Grajales, Jeff Henriquez, Nite Owl, Sara O’Connor, The Postman, Raddington Falls, Reggie Warlock, Renda Writer, Sacsix, Vincent Scala, Savior Elmundo, Terrible TKID170, TRAP.if, Turtlecaps, Uncutt, Zero Productivity, Zimad.

Check out slideshow for more photos.

The boxes are a way for the artists to showcase their work, but to be 'blunt,' they also serve as a form of maximum protection for what’s inside. This object made of precious metal and jewels that will be revealed during the live stream, is one-of-a-kind, fully customized and never to be duplicated. "What's in the Box," is something that is...

“...a tough, elegant, affluent and GANGSTA work of art!”

In today’s new world, we’re seeing many events being postponed and canceled, 3Alx, wanted to stick with the original idea, 'hashed' out a plan and decided to go live instead. This is our new reality for now and 3Alx hopes that the show being virtual is only temporary. “All the artists worked so hard on their creations and I promised I would promote them to the world and I plan on keeping my promise,” said 3Alx. “We will do a gallery show once things clear up so people can experience the physical, but why not show people that art is still alive and is being created through all the craziness?”

3Alx owes a great debt of gratitude to the Lower East Side art community of NYC. So many artists are directly responsible for fostering a love of art that helped build a stronger relationship between him and his children during the most difficult of times. Now, it’s his turn to give back to a community that embraced the three of them and showed them so much love.

"The artists that are on this roster all made my children smile and made my bond with them stronger than it has ever been. How do you pay a debt like that back to somebody...?" said, 3Alx, "They don't know what they did to influence two young minds. By going to shows I learned about the support within the artist community and I said to myself, now it's my turn to support where I can."

This has definitely been a 'joint' effort with SiverTuna Studios (@silvertunastudios) who has provided such great footage and documentary work to help promote the show. "Koz at silvertunastudio is amazing and I've been a fan of his work over the past several years." said 3Alx, "When I reached out to him about making some videos for the live event, he was totally down and blown away by what we were trying to create." As the virus spread and the pandemic got worse, Koz stepped up and has been instrumental is keeping this project on track to today's launch date. (Click: here for SilverTuna's YouTube channel for great footage of the boxes.)

The piece inside of the box is something that is customizable and will be produced in either unique, commissioned pieces or in limited runs of the same model. The Collector who picks up this custom piece will be able to choose one of the boxes. "The whole goal is to promote the artists and have them design pieces for future sales," said 3Alx.

The website for 3Alx will launch in conjunction with the live show where it will showcase all the artists and also they'll share specific details on specially made pieces that can be created. SilverTuna Studio will do a master edit of the live event that will be released after the show.

Almost time for the live launch...5...4...3...2...1.

Finally, "What's in the Box?" 'Weed', love to finally tell you!

Drum roll, please.......




This platinum pipe that's described as a tough, elegant, affluent, 'GANGSTA' work of art could be yours!

Box #1 (@naito_aru)

Box #2 (@zimad_art)

Box #3 (@below key)

Box #4 (@captain_eyeliner)

Are you STONED? I mean, STUNNED? See the platinum 'gangsta' pipe for yourself! This piece of 'High Art,' can be viewed in the selected boxes above, along with all 30+ designs in the show. Text PIPEBOX to 31996 to be on the VIP list, to receive the link. I hope you enjoyed this 'puff' piece and for more information, visit 3Alx on the web at and on Insta'gram' (@3alxnyc).

Happy 4.20!

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