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The Stay at Home Series, WEEK 2

In NYC, we are well over a month into the 'stay at home' order, and this was the perfect time to start checking in with the individuals who will help us climb out of the rubble. While we salute the first responders and health care workers, Sold Magazine believes the artists of our time will help us all get through. Last week we kicked off this series with Praxis, Yes One, BG183, Adrian Wilson and Eric Orr. We also checked in with our SOLDiers, Bytegirl and Claudia Reyes.

We are keeping the connection train rolling into WEEK 2 with Jeff Henriquez, Fin DAC, Alex Smetsky, Tina Ziegler, Jenna Morello, Savior Elmundo and Lungebox. Our 2nd SOLDier check in is with the heart & soul of the team, Sarah Sansom and Kristy Calabro. Subscribe for early access and more to come on our Patreon page, and keep up with all of our podcast episodes on all major podcast platforms!


Jeff Henriquez

Recorded on 4.16.20: Big Ronnie and Jeff talk about his military background, believing in self, being your own small business, and upcoming projects with The Bushwick Collective. (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 4.16.20



Recorded on 4.17.20: Big Ronnie and Fin talk about getting stuck in LA, being compared to small dogs, Marie Antoinette, and what significant changes in his life committed him to being a full time artist. (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 4.17.20


Alex Smetsky

Recorded on 4.18.20: Big Ronnie and Alex talk about maintaining clients during this time, his obsession with skulls, and hitting the RESET button. (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 4.18.20


Tina Ziegler

Recorded on 4.19.20: Big Ronnie and Tina talk about about next steps for Moniker Art Fair, thinking local, and outside the box business ideas to move us forward to whatever that might be! (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 4.19.20


Jenna Morello

Recorded on 4.21.20: Big Ronnie and Jenna talk about under estimating hashtags, her resin sculptures, taking care of a studio full of pets, and an upcoming collaboration with her neighbor, Paid MSD. (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 4.21.20


Savior Elmundo

Recorded on 4.22.20: Big Ronnie and Savior talk about his 1st tag REIN, an early career as a film director, The Collage, and his motto "Make Art". (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 4.22.20



Recorded on 4.22.20: Big Ronnie and Lungebox talk about being a dad of 3 during the NYC stay at home order, using scrap wood in his work, and why the meaning of chickens and teeth are open to your interpretation. (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 4.22.20


SOLDier CHECK IN with Sarah and Kristy

Recorded on 4.21.20: Big Ronnie, Sarah and Kristy talk about how they are staying sane during these times, looking forward to their favorite NYC restaurants, and discovering new ways to support the art scene we all love. (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 4.21.20


WEEK 3 is right around the corner... Subscribe for early access to upcoming video content, and more to come on our Patreon page. Also keep up with interview episodes on all major podcast platforms!

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