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The Stay at Home Series, WEEK 3

Welcome to WEEK 3 of trying new things. The whirlwind of changes is still making its adjustments across the globe, and despite what some politicians think, NYC is in this for the long haul. Maybe some less populated parts of the country can breath a sigh of relief, but the Big Apple is still getting hit hard, and from what it seems like all sides. In the 1st 2 weeks, we caught up with 12 artists and 4 of our SOLDiers.

This week, we warmly welcome JT Liss, Butterfly Mush, Al Diaz, Dirt Cobain, WRDSMTH, and Vince Ballentine. Mostly NYC representatives, with a little LA flavor sprinkled in. Check out the entire series here, on our Youtube page, all major podcast platforms, and for early access to our content, subscribe to our Patreon page.


JT Liss

Big Ronnie and JT talk about Pixler, growing up playing competitive soccer, and balancing his passion for teaching and art. Recorded on 4.24.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 4.24.20


Butterfly Mush

Big Ronnie and Mush talk about being a full time artist and mom of 2 during this time, digital commissions, thirst trap challenges, and why there is no talent of hers that is hidden. Recorded on 4.25.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 4.25.20


Al Diaz

Big Ronnie and Al talk about Sonic Youth, Michael Moore's 'Planet of the Humans', and living in the result of this capitalist society but staying positive about the future, somehow. Recorded on 4.25.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 4.25.20


Dirt Cobain

Big Ronnie and Dirt talk about one of a kind pieces, living with roommates during quarantine, keeping the positivity flowing, and who would play him in the story of his life. Recorded on 4.27.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 4.27.20



Big Ronnie and WRDSMTH talk about Marvin Gaye, Howard Stern, working as a copy writer in Chicago, moving to LA and the story continues from there. Recorded on 4.28.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 4.28.20


Vince Ballentine

Big Ronnie and Vince talk about using his iPad for almost everything, networking with other artists during the 'stay at home' order, and avoiding Prospect Park. Recorded on 4.29.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 4.29.20


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