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  • Video by Chopem Down Films, Photos by Sarah Sansom

INTI in Miami and Paris [VIDEO]

A mid-week break from reality. Enjoy photos from our contributor Sarah Sansom, and a WIP video from our friends at Chop Em Down Films of the artist INTI.


INTI takes his name from the Incan sun god and the Quechua word for ‘the Sun’ as homage to his Chilean roots. His colossal murals pulse with the bright colors of a Latin carnival and the mysterious energy of Ancient South American culture. However, his work still remains fine, controlled and technical. With a warm orange glow, the murals often contain themes of life, death, ancient religion and Christianity, all drawn together with one or two strange characters. The characters are like blending of all things Chilean: the Incans, the tribesmen, the peasants, the Catholics and the revolutionaries but with a strange creepiness. There is a political edge to many of his pieces, and INTI proudly flaunts South America’s rich cultural history in the face of globalized capitalism, whilst still addressing Chile’s problems of poverty and their rocky recent history.

Born in 1982 in Valparaíso, Chile – he started with graffiti in the mid 90s. The origins of his work express Latin music, chaotic cityscapes and less bureaucratic city-planning makes vibrant street art thrive. Working on the streets since 1996, his strong sense of Latin culture can be felt with INTI’s murals, he has become an ambassador of South American street art worldwide. His work can be seen dominating the skyline across walls in Belgium, USA, Slovakia, France, Lebanon, Spain, Germany, Poland, Norway, Turkey, Peru, Puerto Rico, Mexico, India and – of course – Chile.

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video courtesy of Chop Em Down Films


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