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The Stay at Home Series, WEEK 4

Moving into the month of May. We aren't always sure what day it is, but we do know the start of a new month. The most poignant reminder is the citizen clamoring and demands for rent cancelations to the current administration. We are facing dire circumstances in NYC; from varied health & safety concerns, unemployment, police brutality, economic collapse, a failed state of government, and public transportation ineffectiveness - the fear of being evicted should be expelled from the conversation.

As the check in format continues into the 4th week, Ronnie and I hope to talk with each of these artists in person soon. How soon that is, we just don't know. Because of weather conditions in December '19, I missed my chance to interview our first guest, Chinon Maria for a panel discussion event at The Storefront Project, so the opportunities are becoming more special and sentimental every week. The human spirit is felt, and we are reaching across the zoom meeting waves the best we can. Enjoy each conversation from this week, and check out their websites, support them by buying artwork or commissioning a piece: Chinon Maria, Jules Muck, Rubin415, Mydogsighs, and Caro Pepe.

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Chinon Maria

Big Ronnie and Chinon Maria talk about alpine skiing, Vermont, cooking with spices, and the importance of educating children about art history. Recorded on 5.3.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 5.3.20


Muck Rock

Big Ronnie and Jules talk about recent Bad Year trucker hats, gaining her confidence after apprenticing under Lady Pink, missing Ray's pizza, and not wearing headphones when she paints murals so she is always connecting with her audience and surroundings. Recorded on 5.3.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 5.3.20


Rubin 415

Big Ronnie and Tony talk about talking a year ago to the date at Moniker Art Fair, not getting enough sun on the Upper East Side, finding a safe spot in Central Park for him and his family, and making the most on limited supplies. Recorded on 5.4.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 5.4.20


My Dog Sighs

Big Ronnie and Mydogsighs talk about experimenting with sculpture during this time, pivoting his mindset, jigsaw puzzles, and 50 days of Free Art Fridays. Recorded on 5.6.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 5.6.20


Caro Pepe

Big Ronnie and Caro talk about working with watercolors during the pandemic, frigid JMZ Walls memories from '17, becoming a new mother in a new world, and despite loving life in Berlin, she is not a fan of electronic music. Recorded on 5.6.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 5.6.20


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