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The Stay at Home Series, WEEK 5

Week 5 - Enjoy each conversation from this week, and check out these artist's websites, support them by buying artwork or commissioning a piece: Birdcap, Atomiko, David 'Mr. June' Louf, Bisco Smith, and SOLDier Check in with Joanna Pan and Gloria Zapata. Check out the entire 'Stay at Home' series here, on our Youtube page, all major podcast platforms, and for early access to our content, to attend live interviews, sticker packs and more - subscribe to our Patreon page today!



Big Ronnie and Birdcap talk about South Korea, Lowe's runs for essential items, lounging in a dying mall, and his current collaboration with Dirtbird Records. Recorded on 5.8.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 5.8.20



Big Ronnie and Adam talk about Miami life for the orange icon during the pandemic, Wynwood 2020 predictions, appreciating time with his family, and getting to the local zoo as soon as it re-opens. Recorded on 5.9.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 5.9.20


Mr. June

Big Ronnie and David talk about lock down life in Rotterdam, digging through crates in record stores during the 80's, the perfection of the hexagon, and the search to invent a new shape. Recorded on 5.10.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 5.10.20


Bisco Smith

Big Ronnie and Bisc talk about becoming a first time father right before the pandemic, getting a head start on a new life, his great appreciation for Prospect Park, and being a shark; just keep swimming. Recorded on 5.12.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 5.12.20


SOLDier Check in: Joanna Pan & Gloria Zapata

Big Ronnie, Joanna and Gloria talk about how they are staying sane in NYC, organizing virtual exhibitions, remembering family, and the people and rich culture of Honduras. Recorded on 5.13.20 (AUDIO LINK)

Video recorded on 5.13.20


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