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The Stay at Home Series, WEEK 6

WEEK 6 - The days, weeks and months are going by; and it is wearing on everyone. Here in NYC, plans continue for what the Summer and Fall will look like, and it still seems there are contradictions everywhere we turn. Checking in with the creative forces behind the public work we loved on the streets we miss; have seemed like the most uplifting and realistic looks at how we should handle the day-to-day. There is a ton of good advice for artists, and human beings alike in these interviews: Justin Suarez, John Beijer, JCorp, and Alice Mizrachi.

Enjoy each conversation from this week, visit the artist's websites, and support them by buying artwork or commissioning a piece. Check out the entire 'Stay at Home' series here on our site, Youtube page, all major podcast platforms; AND for early access to our content, to attend live interviews, sticker packs and more to come - subscribe to our Patreon page today!


Justin Suarez

Big Ronnie and Justin talk about Rochester life for the artist formerly known as Mr. Prvrt during the pandemic, working with a brush instead of can, stocking up with an extra freezer, and appreciating the graffiti getaway of 'The Watertowers' once a week. Recorded on 5.17.20

Video recorded on 5.17.20


John Beijer

Big Ronnie and John talk about burgers, being in Brazil right before lockdown, VHS tapes of Tinman, and painting Spiderman over and over again. Recorded on 5.20.20

Video recorded on 5.20.20



Big Ronnie and JCorp talk about Animal Crossing, staying organized during the quarantine, calling her mom more often, and feeling comforted by her super Sucklord plush while she is away from NYC. Recorded on 5.20.20

Video recorded on 5.20.20


Alice Mizrachi

Big Ronnie and Alice talk about moving upstate right before the 'stay at home' order, enjoying her new studio space, embracing uncertainty, listening to Roots reggae and participating in 212arts recent project : Denim & Paper (curated by Rob Aloia). Recorded on 5.20.20

Video recorded on 5.20.20


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