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Behind The Art: Ep. 2, Lecrue Eyebrows

In January 2020, through an in-depth Sold article, we got to know Lecrue Eyebrows. Since then, he has not stopped painting and creating! Within a year, he's worked with East Village Walls, The L.I.S.A Project, First Street Garden, and now The Bushwick Collective. Today, we're in Brooklyn and discover some of the messages behind his artwork. Lecrue also answers our probing questions, like, why does he think his art is so adaptable and relatable? Are the twist and turns of his linework reminiscent of a maze and a metaphor for life itself? Plus more! Watch the full clip here and also on our YouTube channel. Subscribe for future episodes and other exclusive content. This is 'Behind the Art, Episode 2 with Lecrue Eyebrows'.

Lecrue, WIP for The Bushwick Collective

For more information:

Lecrue on Instagram (@art_by_eyebrows)

Lecrue's website

Sold's YouTube channel

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