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"No rest, no rust," is Chris RWK's latest solo show, happening Thursday, June 10th from 6pm-9:30pm at 212 Arts. No stranger to Sold, Chris has been on the 3rd cover of our print edition in 2016, did an in-depth interview in 2018, and sat down with the Sold crew on the podcast, "In the Spray Room," twice. Listen here and here. Now, he joins us on "Behind the Art." We learn about the solo show at 212 Arts, upcoming projects, the message behind his mural, "Be Present," and why the robot resonates with so many people. We also look back at the website to celebrate its 20th Anniversary. Chris brings us an exclusive, sneak peek at a 3D bronze sculpture that will be in the show, "No rest, no rust." This is "Behind the Art," episode 3 with Chris RWK.

For more information:

Sold's Youtube Page

Chris RWK (@chrisrwk)

Robots Will Kill (@robotswillkill)

212 Arts (@212arts)

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