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Celebrating Women in Street Art

Like they did in February for Black History Month, our partner Street Art Cities teamed up with Apple to celebrate International Women’s Day by creating several guides that feature amazing artworks made by women, and public work celebrating iconic women.

The women of Sold Magazine curated 2 lists highlighting these artists in NYC, and murals of important women. With the most recent iPhone updates, search for Street Art Cities in Apple Maps - a great way to learn about the work, the artist and the businesses around the neighborhood the artwork lives in.

The Women Behind NYC's Murals

These murals across the five boroughs were all created by female artists, whose work reflects and beautifies the culture of New York City. In addition to work by the following: Magda Love, Jenna Morello, Muck Rock, Gumshoe, Queen Andrea, Claw Money, Alice Mizrachi, Elle and Sheena Wong Shue; you will find work below from Danielle Mastrion, BK Foxx, Vexta and JDL.

Danielle Mastrion, Public Pizza Italian Kitchen 193 Market Street, Yonkers, NY

This mural is an ode to American jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. Ella, although born in Virginia, grew up in Yonkers.

BK Foxx, Ist Ave Laundry Center 84 E 2nd St, New York, NY

Unalienable – LIFE, Liberty & Happiness was completed in the Summer of 2020, signed July 4th during the height of the BLM protests, in partnership with East Village Walls. She doesn't use brushes, projectors, or stencils. All of her work is spray painted, free hand.

Vexta, Ziegfeld Ballroom 1345 6th Avenue, New York, NY

Vexta, the “Neon Nomad,” is an Australian stencil artist known for her signature, brightly colored patterns. Her work explores death, rebirth, and the duality of sexes. She caught the eye of Banksy, who invited her to show alongside him at the “Cans Festival” 2008 in London and is credited in the film, “Exit Through the Gift Shop.”

JDL, Stop & Shop 44 Fountain Place, New Rochelle, NY

Artist Judith de Leeuw -- aka JDL painted this “Pixelated Portrait” for @streetartmankind, a nonprofit organization built around the fight against child labour and trafficking.


NYC Murals of Iconic Women

This 2nd list is not exclusively created by female artists, but they embody some of the trailblazers that must be remembered. From RBG to local legend Anne Rhea-Smith, Vice President of the West Indian American Day Carnival Association. There are many ways to get out and celebrate women in NYC, and Sold Magazine is happy to help!

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