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LONDON (June 12-July 10) | New York City (June 24-July 3)


OVERVIEW: EVERY WOMAN BIENNIAL, the wildly popular and world’s largest all woman and non-binary art biennial of its kind, is expanding for its 4th edition to be presented in two major cities simultaneously - London and New York - in June and July 2021.

Every Woman Biennial NYC/ NFT: The New York 2021 edition will present its 1st NFT Biennial in collaboration with Superchief Gallery NFT, the world's 1st physical gallery space dedicated to NFT art. Always evolving to provide inclusive opportunities to support women and non-binary artists, the aim of the Biennial is to give hundreds of artists, who are interested in exploring the new technology and mint NFTs, the opportunity to reach new audiences and sell their art on this platform. More details are below.

Every Woman Biennial London: The inaugural London edition will take to the streets with performances and public art, including wrapping a building with art and transforming monuments, as well as continuing the Biennial’s traditional salon-style gallery exhibitions showcasing and bringing together as many female and non-binary artists as possible, with acclaimed artists presented alongside emerging artists. Eddy Grattan-Bellew is Director of Every Woman Biennial London, along with the New York founder C. Finley and Executive Producer Molly Caldwell, and is collaborating with organizations including: Queer Art Projects, London Festival of Architecture, Goat and Aether Magazines, The Rectory Projects, and more.

The Biennial launched in NYC in 2015 by founder C. Finley, originally under the name, The Whitney Houston Biennial, as a way to provide a platform and exposure for more female artists. Each year, one of Whitney Houston’s songs that shouts out women lifting each other up, provides the title for the Biennial, as well as a block-party style street dance, and this year’s Biennial theme is MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE.


NYC/NFT 2021: June 24 - July 3, 2021

WHAT: The 2021 Every Woman Biennial is presenting its 1st NFT Biennial, taking on and diversifying the NFT world. Always evolving to provide inclusive opportunities to support women and non-binary artists, the aim is to give hundreds of artists, who are interested in exploring the new technology and mint NFTs, the opportunity to reach new audiences and sell their art on this platform - especially important in this ongoing socially-distanced time. The exhibition is a carbon negative NFT exhibition.

HOW: Every Woman Biennial, in collaboration with Superchief Gallery NFT will hold a workshop to walk selected artists through minting their first NFTs.


May 10-17 NFT open call. Emerging and established artists will be chosen from the open call to participate in the NFT Biennial and taught how to mint their NFT art.

June 24-July 3 Every Woman Biennial MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE NFT exhibition presented at Superchief Gallery NFT on a series of large screens in the gallery and on the NFT platform.

June 24 Opening Celebration for MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE.

All are invited to join the kick off celebration: a participatory “dist-dance” to Whitney Houston’s “My Love Is Your Love” organized by C. Finley and Natalie Lomonte. One block from Superchief Gallery, Washington Square Park 6-8pm.


Gallery Space: Superchief Gallery NFT, 56 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003, 12-6pm everyday


Opening Night Public Dance Party: Washington Square Park

WHY: It's new and women and non-binary people are under represented! We like to experiment with opportunities for artists to thrive. And while we love physically bringing together thousands of artists in community and celebration (and we will do that again in 2022 live and in person!), in this ongoing socially-distanced time, it seems like the right platform. No pressure, it’s not for everyone, but we’ll support artists who want to give it a whirl.

Please note: We are aware of the controversy around NFT’s including the environmental issues. Superchief Gallery NFT has taken steps to be carbon negative - see below.


How are you carbon negative?

● Superchief Gallery NFT has partnered up with Pachama, Inc.(link to and Cloverly (link to in order to become the world’s first carbon negative NFT Marketplace. We buy carbon tonnage to offset the impact of our gallery and offer our customers the option to purchase their own carbon offsets in each transaction.

What are NFT’s?

● A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset via serial number to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files.

● NFTs allow someone to collect digital art and know that there is provenance, which has forever been the missing element to establish Digital Art value. It's the blockchain. It's a serial number. There is a public record of who bought the art and who owns it. There might be a million copies of that file around the world, it might be truly famous, but it's as easy as a google search to see the account that it belongs to and who can legitimately sell it. Might be an anonymous account number, but it's there for us all to see.

Can you explain the Blockchain?

● The Blockchain is essentially a record of digital transactions. Blockchains are used for recording transactions made with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and have many other applications as well.

What is the crypto economy and how do I make money?

● Artists make a competitive percentage off of the initial sale and then an additional percentage from secondary market sales - think royalties. Because your work has a unique ID and you control the amount of images you release, you retain rights to that digital image in perpetuity. People purchase the digital file only, not a license to use that file for other than personal use. Your original real world work is still yours, so you are free to sell the real world a piece without hindrance.

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