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LA Apple Store Opening and SAC Guide

First opened in 1927, Tower Theatre has a rich history and is an important landmark in LA's Broadway Theater district. After years of restoration, Apple has just opened a one-of-a-kind retail store in the building. A mural painted by emerging LA artists spans the upper part of the facade of the building. It celebrates the artist's mentors and heroes of LA's creative community that influenced the artists' journeys. Gracing the top of the building are pieces of by artists: Noah Humes, Bodeck Luna Hernandez, Carolyn Suzuki, Ms Yellow, Steve Martinez, Keya Tama, and Andrew Hem.

From our LA Contributor:

My SoldMag Editor sent me on a special assignment to witness the unveiling of seven muralists who have murals displayed at the brand new LA Apple Store.

Arriving at 5:00 am to a score of photographers standing across the street, I jockeyed for the perfect spot, set-up my ladder, tripod and camera. The opening of the Apple Store also included the reveal of the murals sitting above the store placed perfectly within the Tower Theater architecture, like turn of the century oil painting for all of DTLA to enjoy.

Returning home, I edited the images, sent them off to SoldMagNy and still had time for a hot cup of coffee and report to work at 8:30am.

Photos by: The Echo Parker

As part of the opening of the Apple Tower Theatre store in downtown LA, Apple commissioned these artists to paint a large mural on the facade of the building. In collaboration, Street Art Cities has created a guide to other artworks from those same artists across LA:

Search for Street Art Cities in your Apple Maps, and you will find all of the curated guides from across the globe!

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