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*NEW SERIES* Behind The Art, Ep. 1, Urban Russian Doll

Public Art is a form of communication and the streets are like pages of a story. Have you ever wondered about the significance of a sticker, the point of the paste, or the moral of a mural? Today, Sold is launching a new video series, where we interview artists and they share the real meaning behind their work. In episode 1, we revisit murals with Urban Russian Doll (@urbanrussiandoll) and watch her paint a brand new, colorful wall inspired by Puerto Rico. She talks about the messages behind her murals, what inspires her, and where she wants to take her art next.

This is "Behind the Art."

For More Information:

Urban Russian Doll (@urbanrussiandoll)

Website: Why wait? Love now.

Sold on YouTube

Hosted by Kristy @kristycnyc

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