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Nick at Night: NYE 2020 Photo Portfolio

COVID be damned, was no shortage us working Brooklyn's nightlife scene this New Year's Eve. We retailed, bartended, live streamed and waited out the parties we couldn't throw while coronavirus waits in the wings. Follow along to the 10 Brooklyn locales we visited while the clock ticked into the better reality we're all hoping for.

Artist Jackson Lin (right pic, center) with customers of Scorpion Records in Ridgewood, 12/31/20 at 3:30p.

Patrons of restaurant Bia (left pic) heading to the roof seating while owner Duke Quan (right pic, left) built outdoor booths along South 6th Street in Williamsburg at 5p.

Skinny Dennis bartender Harlan Short (left pic, right) alongside Lucky Dog's bartending staff in Williamsburg at 6p.

Patrons in Lucky Dog's backyard in Williamsburg at 6p.

Rocka Rolla's bartending staff in Williamsburg, 6:30p.

Gordo's Cantina owners JR and Paulina Savage (1st and 2nd from right) in Bushwick, 7:30p.

Fable Jones (right pic, 2nd left) in his gallery alongside Trent Williams' (left pic, right) crew at Mark West Center in Bushwick at 8:30p.

DJ Dirtyfinger (right pic, 2nd right) spinning for Rubulad's holiday market in Bushwick at 9:30p.

The staff of Boobie Trap (left) after closing up alongside thier Bushwick neighbors, 10:30p.

The Fckngbngrz crew during thier NYE live stream in Bushwick while Scorpion Records owners Lou and Lee watched them in Ridgewood, 1/1/21 at 12a.


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