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The Sold Crew

John Paul O'Grodnick

Co-Founder / CEO

John Paul O’Grodnick aka JPO is a visual artist known for his vibrant and elusive painting style. JPO translates raw emotions into colorful, powerful and expressive works of art while visually connecting concepts of human perception. As a big advocate of meditation he believes through his practice that he learned how to open up his mind and channel his third eye. John uses these methods throughout the entirety of the painting process. While channeling his thoughts to canvas, he’s also inspired by music he listens to while painting. Out of the studio he’s painting murals in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami with his vibrant colors and thought provoking accents. His work catches the eyes of everyone passing which led to multiple interviews with ABC news and collaborations with MTV and GAP.

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BD White

Co-Founder / President

B.D. White has made a name for himself as the innovator of eye catching art on street lamp bases and king of the stencils and collage with his studio work. The New York Times took notice and wrote a feature about a night out with him pasting up his work around Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Not only is he taking over the New York art seen. In 2015 he was guest artist at Surplus Candy hosted by Hanksy as well as painting 2 murals at Miami’s Art Basel.

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Erica Stella

Editor / Contributor

Erica Stella is a street art photographer. The daughter of a wedding photographer in Upstate NY; her childhood and adolescence were immersed in ballet training, stage performance, modern dance and the study of movement through space. She moved to NYC, received her BFA from Marymount Manhattan College in '00. She then spent 14 years in NFP management, administering award programs in science for the Alfred P. Sloan and Lawrence Ellison Foundations. She brings that experience and energy to her current projects. As she shares her photography, and explores her vision and humor through StellaBella, she loves life in Brooklyn with her boyfriend Big Ronnie.

Erica's Posts

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Kristy Calabro

Assistant Editor / Contributor

Kristy Calabro, from Staten Island, is a lover of art and a photographer who enjoys stumbling upon scattered self-expressions in NYC and beyond. Her photography background started when she was a teenager. Kristy would go to clubs like CBGBs, The Wetlands, Coney Island High and Roseland Ballroom to take pictures of bands. When one by one, these NY institutions closed down, Kristy found herself wandering the streets with her camera and that’s how her journey of documenting public art started.  Kristy said, “Being from SI, I’m sometimes the last one to see a mural or a new pasteup, but that pushes me to be a more creative photographer. To present something that’s been seen already in a new and exciting way.”

Kristy's Posts

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Big Ronnie

IT Director / Producer

Big Ronnie is a technology entrepreneur with 20+ years of professional, high-level experience in NYC.  Ronnie has been working in the Fixed-Fee Managed Services space since 2004.   In his non-entrepreneurial working career, Ronnie was an Engineer for Charles Schwab & Co. & The McGraw-Hill Companies, Project Manager for Scholastic Books and MTV and IT Director for The New York New Media Association.  His work as a technology leader has led to him being a frequent commentator on IT best practices for small and mid-sized businesses. 

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